Sunday, January 24, 2010


This movie brings back loads of childhood memories...

I remember watching it over and over again last time on my CD player.

I almost forget this song which I totally enjoy listening to...

"This isn't love, this is destiny...

Somewhere above this was planned for me..."

I'm not sure if any of you is familiar with Flintstones, the cartoon but I am because that is supposedly my dad's favourite cartoon. I don't know how true is that but he used to have a Flinstone cup back in those days so I assume it is his favourite cartoon haha.

Anyway, there are various Flintstones movies out there and this one I happened to watch because it happens to be in our CD collection. My mum used to love buying any movies (some unheard of) that she thinks we like. Usually, we just don't get her choice of movies but this one, I must admit is pretty good. I got attracted to this movie because of its colourful front cover and I guess sometimes, we can judge a movie by its cover. ;P

Flintstones @ Viva Rock Vegas!

It's not like one of the most popular movies ever made but it is really quite entertaining. It actually stars some of the big comedy stars like Mark Eddy, Stephen Baldwin, Kristen Johnston, Jane Krakowski and one of Criminal Minds main actor - Thomas Gibson (he look super young here man!). It also stars Alan Cumming, who's one hell of a British comedian hehe.

This movie is about how Fred Flintstone (Mark Eddy) and Barney Rubble (Stephen Baldwin) met their two ladies Wilma and Betty. It touches on the idealistic theme of how true love can't be measured with $. In this movie, we see how Fred met Wilma, not realizing that she is rich. But all Wilma wants is a simple guy, who do not care so much about money. Fred however feels the need to impress her with diamond rings and riches.

Fred also felt intimidated by Chip Rockafella (Thomas Gibson) who is also pursuing Wilma. Though Chip seemed rich and owns a casino in Las Vegas (thus favoured by Wilma's mum), he is actually in loads of debts and is counting on marrying Wilma in order to pay them. Under Chip's plot to win over Wilma, he arranged for Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty to spend a weekend at his Las Vegas casino.

Generally it is really good and they somehow also managed to include an alien (Alan Cumming) as an extra character just to add in a bit more humour. I mean of course it doesn't make any sense to have an alien during the prehistoric era, in fact a lot of other things in the movie just don't make sense, but this is one of those movies that you watch for entertainment and you just don't care about how logical it is.

Stephen Baldwin did a great job playing Barney Rubble here. Love his laugh.

My other favourite character is the Alien actually. Alan Cumming is just super funny.

Then it's also great to watch Thomas Gibson play a more relax role as Chip here. In Criminal Minds, he's so serious that you don't really see him smile much. But here, he's the villain and well, he smiles more and he looks very good-looking.

One more great part is when Fred sings a song to Wilma at the end. I love that song. Check it out.

Ps: Fred's speech at the end is super beautiful.

This movie is almost 10 years old and to me, it's really a great watch. I've enjoyed it so much since young and therefore, I just feel like sharing it. You can watch it on YouTube if you are interested. ;P

Flintstones Viva Rock Vegas is definitely a movie for all.

TC My-Rating:

With Lotsa Love,

TammyC off for more Thomas Gibson and 'Criminal Minds'

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