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Guys, I bet you're jealous of those dudes who just have the ability to charm the ladies. Those are what we call the ladies man ya. But maybe what you don't know is that some ladies man just wanna be a regular dude.
 Well, "I Love You, Man" is a story about this 'ladies man' who is so much a ladies man that he doesn't have any guy friends. He has no problem hanging out with the girls. He's a great guy, a great boyfriend who just doesn't seem able to get along with dudes. He's kinda like a geek when it comes to hanging out with the males.

So what is more pathetic? A guy with no girl friends or a guy with no guy friends? I don't know but it is true. If a guy doesn't have any guy friends, he might be the clingy kinda dude or worst, the kinda dude that sleeps around with other women.

But "I Love You, Man" sees our 'hero' Peter Klaven in search for a best friend to be his best man at his wedding. This includes a multiple of man-dates and some male-male kissing. In the end, when Peter almost gave up, he met Sydney Fife and soon they became close friends - jamming along the music of Rush, walking dogs, talking about women and sex etc etc.

They bonded but Sydney's wild and free lifestyle soon affected Peter's career and his relationship with his fiancee, Zooey. In the end...maybe you should just watch to find out how Sydney made up to Peter.

It's not easy hanging with the dudes. Alcohol, poker, porn? - Not easy 

This movie kinda reminds me of "Me, You and Dupree" except the fact that Sydney in this movie is not as annoying as Dupree. I actually really digg Sydney's character. It'll be cool to have a friend like Sydney.

"I Love You, Man" tries to highlight that guys can also love each other and not be gay. Correct me if I'm wrong but most alpha males have problem admitting that they love their guy buddies, or maybe some of them don't really feel the need to be closely affiliated to their male friends, well in case they were mocked at. It's like weird for a guy to say "I love you" to another guy friend but this movie kinda opens our minds up on this.

Girls can proudly say I love you to their girlfriends, usually after we bid our goodbyes (Ning always says she love me lol) but when was the last time you hear your guy friends say "I Love You, Man" to each other? Erm...I actually can't remember lol.

"I Love You, Man" isn't like the best comedy ever. It has it's moments but overall, not one that I'll give 5 stars for because it is just another comedy. The acting were normal, and the script is not exceptionally catchy; so nothing outstanding in my opinion...but I do enjoy watching Jason Segel, since I love him in "How I Met Your Mother" (so I could be biased). 

This is the kinda movie you watch just to past time. You know, when you don't want anything serious and too deep for consumption. I find myself flipping through a lot of these comedies recently because I just need something to pull me out of the blues. "I Love You, Man" was good but not exactly the best. But I'm glad that it doesn't go along the lines of "Chuck and Larry", with over-exaggerated themes of explicit gay-sexual conduct. That kept the movie manly, with a bit of gayish elements. Kudos to that!

Band slam? 

Guys, maybe you should make this a guy-movie night out thing you Then you guys might end up saying "I Love You" to each other, maybe shed a tear or two, hug each other and be all mushy ahem. Make sure you invite me too ;P cuz I'll love to see that.

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