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One of THE BEST COMEDY ever. I've never really enjoyed a rom-coom so much since 27 Dresses. Pathetic huh?

Okay, first of all, I think the tagline "Here Comes the Bribe" is brilliant. ;P
Just a line but it kinda tells the whole story, doesn't it?

"The Proposal" is a simple movie, with witty lines and great sense of humour that keeps you laughing all the way. I've never watch a romantic comedy that tickles me so much - not even "27 Dresses". Oh well, if you consider "Get Smart" a romantic-comedy (but I totally don't think it is), that movie's humor is the closest to "The Proposal". But anyway, where am I going with this? Back to the proposal.

Dig the poster! Don't you?

Margaret (Sandra Bullock) plays this really bossy chief editor in a book publishing company. Everyone in the office is terrified of her, or rather despise her bossiness and perhaps her arrogance too. Her character is kinda like Wilhelmina in "Ugly Betty" and the kinda old lady boss in "Devils Wear Prada". Which makes me wonder really, why do they always portray successful career women as bossy and such a b****.

Anyway, Margaret's 'lucky' assistant? Well, Andrew Paxton (as cute as Andrew Upton - you don't have to know who is that and he is not Cate Blanchett's husband ;P) portrayed Ryan Reynolds. Andrew is a hardworking dude who strive hard at work (though he has been sorta exploited) just so he can get his writing published.

So Margaret was informed that her Visa has expired is she is to be deported back to Canada and renewing her Visa would take a year, meaning that she will have to leave America till then. Of course, being career-driven, she is unwilling to leave her job for a year and that's when she got Andrew to marry her.

Andrew felt that he was being used, but he also decided to use this opportunity to bribe Margaret into promoting him to editor. After that his relationship with Margaret took a turn. He is not afraid to be the boss of her anymore, since she needed a favour from him.

Both of them had to go through tests and interviews to show that they are really in love and that they getting married is not actually a lie to help Margaret stay in America. After a few lies told, they both found themselves hanging out in Alaska, celebrating Andrew's grandmother, Cammy's 90th birthday.

This 'vacation' brought them together (of course); and Andrew got to know the other side of Margaret, vice versa. Then of course, before they knew it, they fell in love with each other and Margaret also fell in love with Andrew's family. She was so touched by their kindness and hospitality and love that she realized her own selfishness in making Andrew marry her. She realized that if Andrew's family found out that the marriage is fake or if they file for divorce one day, Andrew's family (mainly grandmother and mother) would be devastated.

She then pulls out from the marriage, and by that she demonstrated her love for Andrew and his family.

Overall, it was such a great comedy. Predictable as it may be, it is great material. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are amazing in the movie. Seriously! The chemistry is great. I love their sarcasm the most. I mean, I can laugh just watching them bickering at each other - their lines are that good. Personally, I really enjoy watching Sandra Bullock here. She never fails to play characters like these - sorta the serious girl but always makes you laugh with her antics. Both hers and Ryan's facial expressions and body language kinda rocked the movie.

Some of my favourite parts?
- Ramone's stripper routine. My God! I'll faint if you invite him to my hen-night.

- Andrew grabbing Margaret's a** when she is climbing down the ladder.

- Margaret & her fuss over the 'Baby-Maker' blanket "NOT THE BABY-MAKER!" lolx

- Grandma Cammy's giving thanks ritual

- The proposal

etc. etc.

I don't know what you think but in my book, is it a must-watch comedy!

TC-My Rating:

Extra 1/2 stars for the acting!

Lotsa Lurve,
TammyC signing off from home
ps: Check out the two of them naked. I don't know if it's disgusting or hilarious that they are glued together naked...lol.


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