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It's new year!!!!!!!!
It's 2010...
So in the spirit of celebrating the new year, I guess it is nice to also look back and reminisce the past, you know, what we've had the privilege to experience and enjoy in the cinemas in 2009.

I feel that 2009 has actually been a great year for movies. In fact, I think it's one year that I've spent a lot on visiting the cinemas - well, a movie goes best with popcorn, corn-in-cup and my Milo ice as accompaniment.

I'm naming my TOP 5 movies of 2009. Then I think I should also credit the lousy, just so I remember that they are lousy.

*drum rolling* (though it really isn't anything grand lar)

5. Surrogates

The movie is simple, very fast-paced (thank God for that). It was over before I knew it and it was quite interesting to watch. I only wish that the crime-solving storyline had been more complicated and twisted and not that straightforward. Other than that, the movie is definitely one of my picks of the year.

4. District 9

I can't decide if this should be the 3rd or 4th movie actually. However, I'm making my subjective decision based on the entertaining factor a tad more than overall storyline, and therefore, I made this movie the 4th choice. I mean, how can ugly aliens beat the cute, adorable chipmunks, right? LOL.

Nevertheless, District 9 is a FANTASTIC movie, on which I again did not find the time to write about. The themes in the movie is great and it really kept me anticipating every minute of it. One of the best and most creative storyline I've seen. The themes of inhumanity is strong and I love movies that highlights and debates these grey areas. Overall, a must-watch from 2009.

3. Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squekquel

They are so cute I have to double their pics

Alvin & the Chipmunks deserves the 3rd spot simply because I won't get tired of watching this one for sure. The storyline for this squekquel has a solid emphasis on brotherhood, standing up for family and friends...basically it brought in some highschool elements into the world of the Chipmunks. Plus, who can get tired of the helium-voiced songs featured in the movie right? And in this installment, the Chippettes double the entertainment. I can't help but wanted to join in the sing and dance when I'm in the cinema hall. It's crazzziee..~

Oh and another good reason to watch this one is because 3 of my favourite actors are voicing the Chipmunk brothers - Justin Long (Alvin), Matthew Gray Gubler (Simon) and Jesse McCartney (Theodore). Definitely a worthy movie that does more than entertain and cheering you up!

2. Avatar

Needless to say, this is in fact one of the most brilliant works of 2009. Almost 20 years worth of planning and production works, this spot is made for Avatar. Storyline and themes well developed....overall, definitely on top of my list. The only thing about Avatar is that it is somehow a bit too long, so it kinda kills the mood  there. But generally, it is a great movie with some of the best scenery and colour, and even technology.

1. Up

You can call me childish, kiddy or whatever kid names but 'UP' is MY FIRST CHOICE for the year.'s not action-packed or anything, but the reason I made it first is because this is one cartoon that totally blew me away. I didn't expect it to be that good actually. I find 'Up' super creative and I love how it brings fantasy and adventure into a simple, touching story. The characters are nice, the themes are touching and relevant - basically, HOW CAN A CARTOON BE THAT GOOD? It's just an enjoyable movie that you can't help but feel an extraordinary happiness when watching it (though there were a few teary moments). I seriously think it is the effects of the colourful balloons. My pick for 2009!

Sorry folks. I know some might expect Transformer 2 or something mega But it is me and I'm always into the simplest and chillex movie that I can just enjoy.

So I've talked about some of the best (in my own personal opinion) movies this year but there are others I believe that are worth mentioning.

The Box

It wasn't as good as I expected it to be, but it was okay. It wasn't bad. It actually kept me guessing all the way to the end. But I wished the mystery could be more creative and fresh. It wasn't the kind of movie that made me go "OMG" at the end - in other words, the ending isn't great enough. The resolution to the mystery is too simple, not enough to quench my thirst for a greater twist in the story. The Box discuss how humans would choose money, sacrificing the lives of an unknown, but in some ways, I feel that this theme is merely discussed on the surface and not exactly enough to create a strong impact. If you watch movies like "Dark Knight" and "District 9", you'll find that the themes of human selfishness strongly embedded and solidly discussed within the movie.


I kinda find it super entertaining, creative and meaningful. It would be on my Top 10 I guess. Though it's a bit disgusting, dirty and disturbing (triple Ds haha) here and there, but generally, it was fun to watch, though it involves covering up my eyes over some bits. Really can't stand it (ahem, that's how innocent I am, ya right~)

The Ugly Truth

A rom-com that I believe most people would enjoy. Katherine Hiegl and Gerard Butler did not disappoint though some argue that Kat Hiegl can't act. I'll leave you guys to debate on that but 'The Ugly Truth' is another relaxing movie about all the male-female dimensions and of course, love and romance. It's overall kinda hilarious and thus, one movie that you can watch with a bunch of friends (or boyfriends) on a lazy weekend.

Ice-Age 3: Dawn of the Dinasaur

Super hilarious movie. Watched it in Liverpool with a bunch of friends. I find it super entertaining. It was late when we watched it but I didn't feel a single thing. It is definitely a must watch. Sadly, I find the storyline kinda easy to forget but I can never forget the laughter it brought me ;P.

Inglorious Basterds

 Wasn't bad. Love the way the director, Quentin Tarantino gave a twist to how the German Nazis and Hitler would end. I guess it is in fact a pretty interest movie. I actually love Brad Pitt in this one. Can you believe it?

17 Again

Really entertaining. Proves that Zac Efron can act beyond his boyish roles...I actually kinda love this movie and honestly, not because Zac is in it ;P. 

Bride Wars

You could argue that this one is actually pretty nice. I watched it with my cousins...well, I kinda like it though I wouldn't say it's my favourite like "OMG I love it" movie.

Night at the Musuem 2

Can still live up the excitement of the first movie. Not bad at all.


Astro Boy 
(But I admit, it is far more entertaining than I expect, though I wouldn't say it's super brilliant. You can live without this haha)

A Christmas Carol (A remake of movie that has been remade and done on broadway - so....oh well, nice but not like super nice. But I give 5 stars to the 3D effects and the technology. Scary~ Well, maybe it's a tad more higher than it's so-so status lar)

2012 (despite the O-So-'MEGA' publicity)

Jennifer's Body (though it's really ALL ABOUT MEGAN FOX's body and sex appeal and not the storyline. What an apt title!)

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (Not like super interesting rom-com. Jen Garner can do so much better than this)

The International (Expected too much from this movie, end up in the list of my so-so. I can't even remember the story too well. Proves how forgettable it is. But it wasn't that bad lar. Just required a bit more attention. I honestly believe that Naomi Watts is not the right choice for this movie.)

Angels and Demons (I wish I could have read the book before watching it. The movie wasn't impressive. Kinda confusing and not that exciting. But most of my friends have bad review for this one, so...)

My God! This is the list of movie that I don't friggin' get. But don't worry. It's just me. I have terrible taste. So if you like them, you're normal. If you love them, you're incredible. If you don't, you're me. =)

In random order since all of these are quite painful to watch:

1. Final Destination

- I still can't believe I paid 7 pounds (not Ringgit mind you) to watch this in 3D.

2. He's Just Not That Into You
- And I'm just not that into the movie. I think my friend over-credited it and I sorta had a high expectations. In many ways, I don't get the characters in the movie....I guess I only enjoy watching Justin Long haha.

3. Harry Potter (I don't even remember which one now)
- Okay I'm a Potter fan but I'm getting really disappointed with the movie. I don't get the same feel as I do reading the book. But..but..but...the best about this year's Potter is that I got to watch it in UK. It's definitely a cool feeling to watch Potter in UK man!

4. New Moon
- Besides Taylor Lautner, I really have no idea where this movie is going. If the first installment at least have a few exciting moments that kept my adrenaline going a bit, the second one is too emo for my personal liking. I still do not get Edward and Bella.

5. Hannah Montana
- Just a tool to promote Miley Cyrus songs. No effort what-so-ever (in my own personal opinion) to develop a story that is worth watching. If you like the songs in the movie, it is bearable.

1. Hotel for Dogs
2. InkHeart
3. Confessions of a Shopahilic
4. Push
5. Friday the 13th
6. Echelon Conspiracy
7. Duplicity
8. I love you, Man
9. Knowing
10. The Soloist
11. Orphan
12. Easy Virtue
13. Drag me to Hell
14. The Hangover
15. The Taking of Pelham 123
16. The Proposal
17. My Sister's Keeper
18. The Hurt Locker
19. Public Enemies
20. 500 Days of Summer
21. Funny People
22.The Time Traveler's Wide
23. Grace
24. A Cloudy Chance of Meatballs
25. Love Happens
26. Zombieland
27. Couples Retreat
28. Law Abiding Citizens
29. Cirque du Freak
30. The Princess and the Frog
31. The Lovely Bones
32. Did You Hear About the Morgans?
33. It's Complicated
34. Sherlock Holmes

So many movies, so little time...'s 2010!!!!!!!!! Let's celebrate and await the brilliant movies installed for next year~
Once again, HAPPIE NEW YEAR!!

With LotSa Lurve,
TammyC signing off from home

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