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Sherlock Holmes is probably the next big thing this year after Avatar and yes girls, New Moon.

If you know me well enough, you might know I love crime or mystery-solving shows or movies or books. So naturally, I anticipated the movie though I never really follow any Sherlock Holmes books.

Nevertheless, after watching the trailer though, I don't feel the excitement anymore since I felt that it was too commercialized - too much action like fighting scenes instead of the intellectual crime solving part. I kinda wish that it is some kinda more realistic movie, instead of, you know, all the accentuated graphics that somehow makes a movie surreal. But I understand though that most viewers would prefer good a** kicking action scenes with beautiful computer graphics rather than just plain boring crime solving.

But I watch it anyway because you have to watch blockbusters like these. LOL. It's an in thing and going to the cinemas is a kick-a** way to spend time with buddies. (too many kick a** used in this posting, excuse me please). Plus, to comment on a movie, you have to watch it.

I can't really give comments on the interpretation of the character Sherlock Holmes because I've never really read any of those  books and therefore, I don't even have an idea on how Sherlock Holme's character is. Did Robert Downey Jr. did good playing Sherlock? No idea but now I can't think off anyone else playing Holmes. It's just set in my mind that Robert Downey Jr. is Holmes.

However, if you ask me, Jr. had not portrayed the Sherlock I had in mind. I didn't picture Holmes to have such mischievous characteristics. Wikipedia describe Sherlock as eccentric and somewhat a loner and I agree. I'd pictured Sherlock as more quiet and a deep thinker rather than how he was depicted in the 2009 blockbuster.

The depiction of Holmes and his iconic pipe. 
I somehow still feel he is eccentric, like super mysterious kinda eccentric. 

The movie isn't bad. I guess my sudden reduced expectation for the movie helped. 
Let's start with the well, positive. We like positive things right?

The iconic character brought to life.
The movie basically delves into one of Sherlock's adventures in mystery-cum-crime solving and this first one (there is definitely gonna be a sequel, duh) sees him investigating a case involving dark magic.

I love how the movie is fast paced, though some might contest that this makes the whole movie hard to grasp and somewhat confusing. But I like the fast editing of the movie, it makes it interesting. 

My favourite scene in the movie is somewhere in the beginning, where Sherlock was in this fighting ring. First, they slow-mo the fighting action and we hear Sherlock's voice-over describing each move he made on his opponent and the inflicted consequence. Then the movements were played in normal speed and we see how the whole move is really like. Super awesome editing there! I thought it added flavour to the movie though again, all those close-up and editing techniques makes the fighting sequel super over-dramatic.

On top of that, you'll be happy to know that the movie is also somewhat entertaining, and it isn't a pain or a drag to watch (I think it's really because of the fast-paced actions). Plus, there were a few funny scenes, not excruciatingly hilarious but enough to tickle one or two of your funny bones lar. It is also interesting how they bring a somewhat modern feel towards a classic. And I'm grateful that the unraveling of the mystery is a logical one and not predictable crap. 

Those are some of the positive stuff you can expect from the movie - oh! I forgot Jude Law's  beautiful accent that enhances the UK feel of the movie. =D Well, the character itself is from the UK so of course we need to have something "United Kingdom-ish" about it and thus --> Jude Law.

What I don't like about the movie though is that the explanation to the mystery resolves so much around science that for a person who scores straight C's in all science subjects like me, it is pretty hard to understand certain rationalization made  by Holmes. Even if I do understand, I do not have the scientific knowledge to believe it.

But I prefer studying how people solve cases through observations - like the part in the movie where Holmes deduce his own whereabouts after being "kidnapped" by defining the clues that helped him reach his conclusion.

That's probably why I like Criminal Minds (it's a a tv series on the B.A.U. by the way) because it is mainly on intelligent predictions on why people behave or act a certain way. Their method of crime-solving taps into the psychology of human behaviour and then speculate the murderer's (or unsub's) next course of action through the understanding of that behaviour. It's more than just providing a scientific explanation to solving the crime; they give you a psychological analysis as well and that is always interesting for debates.

I believe Science is always relevant in order to prove a crime because Science is objective facts  but observations and subjective guesswork help lead to the solving of a crime.
So anyway, the reason I do not like Sherlock Holmes has nothing to do with the movie, but rather just my personal preferences. I'm a Social Science student, see.

I am also personally disappointed with Rachel McAdams in this movie. She's like one of my favourite actresses but in this movie, I don't feel her character. If she loves Holmes, it somehow isn't clearly represented. It's not that her acting is bad or anything, but in this movie I guess her character lacks the personality of a leading lady. To be fair, I guess one can't blame her since I personally feel that her character, Adler, in this installment is just to create suspense leading towards the sequel, and thus, it's like there are still a lot of things we don't know about her yet. Maybe the sequel will justify her existence and relevance to the movie further. One thing is for sure, McAdams is smoking hot!!

Overall, should you watch Sherlock Holmes?

Yes because it is not bad at all though it is not a movie I'll rewatch. It is entertaining too and though it is not like my favourite movie of all time, I'd say it's worth the time and worth a watch. 

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