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Freaky and scary as the trailer may really isn't that bad. Seriously...compared to those Thai, Japanese and Korean ghost flicks, Case 39 is nothing.

I admit I am a super timid girl who tries to avoid as much as I can all these horror movies...They just gives me the creeps and seriously man, I find myself afraid of driving  (you know the classic seeing a 'pontianak' on your rear-view mirror scenes)or go into lifts, or in fact going anywhere alone after watching ghost movies because I keep picturing them behind me...IT'S FREAKY!!

But I'm surprised that 'Case 39' didn't scare me that bad. In fact, it is almost like watching 'Supernatural' without my hot Jensen Ackles.

'Case 39' takes us through Emily Jenkins portrayed by Renee Zellweger's adventure with a 10-year-old. Emily is a social worker who is adamant to save a 10-year-old girl, Lillith, from her abusive parents. Lillith was almost killed by her parents when Emily had rushed to her rescue just in time.

Emily was somehow persuaded by Lillith to take her as a foster child and that was when Emily's life takes a 180 degree turn. The people around Emily starts dying and soon, Emily senses that something is definitely wrong with Lillith. Emily then seeks the truth by seeing Emily's parents to find out about Lillith. Well, basically nothing special, it's just that Lillith is satanic from birth. She manipulates people's fear, which leads them to somehow kill themselves.

By the way, this is the movie in which I had a seat accident haha. Well nothing freaky but it was while I was in the cinema wanting to watch this movie in which I landed my butt on the floor because the seat was spoiled and I did not know before seating down.

It is called Case 39 because it is the 39th case that landed on Emily's desk.

I bet this movie freaks out many social workers but that's just another story. 'Case 39' isn't that bad but it wasn't good. I'm also sad that the hot Bradley Cooper had only limited screen time. His death scene in the movie is a really sad.

I guess I expected nothing from the movie and thus, I felt that it was okay. The reason I don't expect much is because I've always been disappointed by horror movies. I go in, anticipating to be awed but I come out feeling unsatisfied. I mean, these movies are always just design to scare the crap out of its viewers and that's it. The content and storylines are basically blueprints of one another, all formatted to follow a rigid and predictable plot. The goal of a horror movie is not to impress people with a unique story but rather to win the title of "scary movie that make most people pee in their pants".

Some of these movies leave their end open-ended, so that there could be a sequel. What the...
Some are worst...There is no explanation what-so-ever about the whole thing. Plain freak show. The only explanation is that it's a supernatural phenomena...for example "Grace" (which I wrote about a few weeks back). I don't even know why the baby in the movie live on blood.

I know not everything has an explanation and perhaps that is what some people enjoy about these movies - the unresolved mystery that leaves us guessing. Not me though...I hate to have questions unanswered. I mean I understand that in life, there is no explanation to everything and that's why I don't want to have things unexplained when I'm in the movies too (unless it is a movie about life lar).

Okay sorry I drifted. Back to "Case 39". I didn't like Renee Zellweger here. I could have thought of many other actresses who would fit better in this role. Sorry but I just don't understand why Renee is cast. I mean, Naomi Watts did fantastic in 'The Ring'. In fact it's the movie in which she caught my attention. She was good and her acting in that movie leaves an impression. (But Naomi did really bad in 'The International'. Sigh) That's the feel I'm talking about you see. The same can't be said about Renee in 'Case 39' though. I don't feel Renee nailing her scenes in this movie, I just don't feel captivated by her here. I think if I were to select an actress, I'd try Nicole Kidman. It would be interesting to watch.

Fortunately, Renee's performance in the movie is not as awful as this outfit...
I don't know what she's thinking when she chose this 'baju'.

However, impressive can be used to describe Jodelle Ferland, the young girl who played Lillith. She is B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T!! My God...seeing her smug face in the movie makes me feel like slapping her man...and that is good because she is just so in the character. You hate her so much that when you think about it, you feel that it's because she is so exceptional in playing her role as a demonic child.

 How can someone so angelic be demonic?
But well, Jodelle made it possible

Jodelle is also magnificently beautiful and I find myself staring at her though I really hate her threatening looks in the movie. I am especially impressed with the scene in which she threatens Bradley Cooper's character. She is good. I must say, with such talent in acting, she's really going a bright future in Hollywood, well, at least I think so. Honestly, her performance is so good I'm actually looking forward to more of her movies. (She's going to be in the next installment of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse ;P) I'm sorry but I kinda dig her more than Nakota Fanning. No offense. Anyway, all the promotions for this movie is so focused on Renee when  in fact, I feel that Jodelle is the star actually.

I would not watch "Case 39" again but if you ask me if it is worth a watch...Well, if you are really willing to spend on just another horror flick because you love them so much then by all means watch it. If you want to chill and hang out with your friends and you there are no other movie choice, well go ahead. But if you expect something brilliant, well, perhaps you should go watch "Sherlock Holmes" or "Avatar" instead. There are some pretty slow scenes that were boring but generally, it was okay.

TC-My Rating:

With Lotsa Lurve,
TammyC still awake at 3.30am =)

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