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I owe this to writing to myself. I've watched this movie 2 weeks back and I'm still feeling so lazy to blog about it. Okay...don't care. Gonna have to wade against those waves of laziness and get this piece done!

I believe that "Legion" would be a much more interesting watch if you have knowledge about the origins of angels and a bit on Christianity. I mean, it'll make the movie one that has substance, instead of one that is just another zombie movie. 

The storyline is simple yet it manages to lure me into wanting to watch it bad, until I saw on Twitter DJ Ben from FlyFM give it a 6.4 out 10. But then, I've already bought tickets and so I entered the theatre with much reduced expectations. Plus, thank God that we get better seats this time that doesn't fail on me when I sit on them.

The movie sees God loses faith on mankind and had therefore gave up on us. He then sends a legion of freaky looking army of angels to destroy humankind (by possessing them?). He also ordered the leader of his army, Archangel Michael (Saint Michael) to kill a baby who will redeem mankind. However, Archangel Michael (Saint Michael) defies His orders for he loved humans so much. He descended to Earth against orders and went to Paradise Bay, the place in which the baby would be born. Archangel Michael then lead a team of locals into fighting the angel attacks. Gabriel was then summoned to take over Michael's job to kill the baby. In the end we see that Gabriel with only slight hesitation had killed Michael. Gabriel, by doing so, has go against what God has been preaching; Michael on the other hand, resurrected because he understood the true meaning of love and would sacrifice for humans (just like God has sacrificed his own son, Jesus to purge the sins of humankind - I hope I get the facts right).

I guess the main theme in the story is the importance of faith and the sacrifice for love. 
Michael has faith in humanity because of Jeep (portrayed by the hot Lucas Black). God then regains faith in humanity through Michael. I guess Michael reminded God the meaning of believing again...reminded Him of how much he loved humans. 

Through Michael's faith, God sees that HOPE still exists. One may argue that the movie tries to help us see how having no faith destroys a lot of things. When we lose faith in God, just like how He loses his faith on us in the move, it's like all hope are gone.

The movie also examines the dynamics of good and evil, angels and devils. Angels can also be devils/satans. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, satan is a fallen angel, an angel who refuses to bow down before humans. So in other words, the legion of army sent to hurt humans are therefore also known as satans, right? Only Michael deserves his title.

"Legion" is supported by a large cast including some big names (well to me they are quite big lar) Dennis Quaid, Paul Bettany, Lucas Black and also Kate Walsh who plays a very annoying mum. 

Hot Lucas Black from "Tokyo Drift" stars as Jeep 

One of my favourite actor, Dennis Quaid as Jeep's dad

Adrianne Palicki as Charlie, the mother of the baby who would redeem humankind
She apparently plays the ill-fated girlfriend of Sam Winchester, Jessica, in 'Supernatural'

Okay, this is just one cool pic of Paul Bethany, famous for his role as Silas in The Da Vinci Code

Gabriel played by Kevin Durand
Love their costumes...

I didn't expect "Legion" to be such a zombie movie but it really does go along the lines of "Underworld", "Resident Evil" and "30 Days of Night". I thought of it more like "National Treasure" but well, zombie movies are okay. One thing I don't get is how all zombies and whatever man-eating creatures look almost completely the same in all the different versions of movies.

There were moments of boredom in the cinema (I felt my friend next to me yawning a lot and  I felt awkward because I recommended the movie haha), where things got a little bit too slow and quiet but there were also some great kick-a** moments that gets your adrenaline pumping. I think one of the best part features the old lady who was possessed by the Angels and ended up attacking the people in the restaurant. Now that part was fun. There's also one part in which they make a cute little boy turn into a man-eater. Such cute little boy but kills horridly. Well, it was also fun to watch. It really made me laugh, I don't know why.

Shutz...I find myself more and more immune to violence.  In fact, I feel amused sometimes. Oh crap...would I turn into a killer? Well, okay, I do scream and shout a bit but generally, I've watched so many violent series like Criminal Minds and Supernatural that I'm not as scared and disgusted as I once was.

Kids will be afraid of their generous looking grandma after watching "Legion"

Let's hope I don't get nightmare later but I just have to share this pic haha

Was "Legion" a good watch?
I'd say yes though I expected it to be better. 
However, for some of you, it could be too scary...though I don't find these type of movies that scary anymore. It's also great that there were some witty and dry humour incorporated in the movie, making it kinda nice to watch. 

What director and writer Scott Steward brings to the movie is a mythical and divine storyline that backs up a movie that could easily end up as just another lame zombie movie with a lame storyline. That little extra "God" and religion theme puts it a tad higher above the rest. Also, I'm glad that though the CGI aren't that fake. 

My advice though, watch it in the cinemas for pleasures of effects and surround sound...unless of course if you have your own home theatre lar...If not, you might doze off. *shrugs*

TC-My Ratings:

With Lotsa Lurve,
TammyC trying hard to be down-to-Earth 

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