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With the Chinese New Year celebration mellowing down a little, I've finally found the time to actually update my blogs *smiling big*.

Last week, the cuzzie gang went out for a movie marathon. It was tiring but I managed to watch 2 back to back movies that are currently topping the U.S. box office. 
So in this instalment, prepare for a double dose of movie crap.

First up, the romantic comedy, Valentine's Day. 

Opps! Wrong poster...

Looking at the movie poster alone leaves one starstruck. I mean, look at the array of stars adorning this movie. The stars in this movie can literally shine brighter than the sun. From A-list actresses like Julia Roberts and Jennifer Garner to brooding new generation of young actors/actresses like Emma Roberts and Taylor Lautner, this movie seemed promising to almost everyone who enjoys a typical feel good movie.

Contrary to popular beliefs, I'm not exactly a girl who finds romantic comedy exceptionally entertaining haha. I mean, I have a tad of a hopelessly romantic genes in me but when it comes to movies, I usually prefer those that can surprise me with twists or some that are socially debatable.

Naturally, I knew "Valentine's Day" would go along the lines of cliche romantic movies like "He's Just Not That Into You" which also starred a glittering array of huge stars. By the way, I didn't even bother writing about "He's Just Not That Into You" because nothing about the movie really stuck in my mind, except how I not enjoy it. I mean, erm...I really liked Justin Long in it, but I guess that's about it haha.

Anyway, I kinda thought I'd give "Valentine's Day" a chance and the benefit of a doubt and I really wasn't expecting it to be super fabulous. Plus, it was really a guilty pleasure; I really wanna check out Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner together, and I've always loved Jen Garner.

To be fair, there are a few characters in the movie that wasn't that bad. I kinda like Ashton Kutcher and Jen Garner's best-friend love relationship because it's sweet...I love Julia Roberts and her son's mother-son relationship because it is touching...and I also love Eric Dane gay's relationship because it provided an unexpected twist in the movie. But generally, it wasn't great.

Sweet but that's about it...

A tad touching and funny...took only one day to shoot & that's about it

Bad characters, sadly, include Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Emma Roberts, and the guy paired with Emma whom I don't know the name. I really do not understand why is Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner given such huge publicity for starring in this movie because honestly, they were really not inspiring in the movie. I hate Taylor Swift's character because I don't get her. Is she a bimbo? If she is, she doesn't like look 100% the she a nerd? If she is, she doesn't look the part either. If it were any other actress playing that role, I'd freaking have hated her but it's Taylor Swift so I'm being super lenient. I think she should stick to song writing and singing for now, unless if there are better roles to play. Lautner is super hot but he didn't really get to shine in the movie, which is sad. I guess most focus is on Taylor Swift's character, which bums me because like I said, her character is super annoying. Emma Roberts plays a teenager who is trying to explore love and sex in the movie. I don't know why but it was a bore watching her story. For such a promising young actress, the story made her a dull watch.

It's really a joker's crown that they are wearing

Jessica Alba, Patrick Dempsey, and Queen Latifah's characters are just there as publicity stunts because their screen time is even lesser than an average lazy student's study time (okay a bit exaggerated but you get the picture). Anne Hathaway and Topher Grace are kinda forgettable but I admit that Anne Hathaway is brilliant in doing accents.

Snippets from the movie 

I believe that the reason everyone is dying to watch Valentine's Day is because of the huge casts. It's like, you just have to watch it because everyone is talking about it. I watch it also because I wanna watch my hottie Taylor Lautner and just to hang out with my cousins because most of us dig Taylor Lautner haha. The storyline is very simple, basically, your typical romantic movies all combined into 1, and so I believe some of you would actually like it. But my advice if you really plan to watch this one is to rent a DVD instead for a girls' night at home, just to chill. No point spending $$ to watch this in the cinemas.

TC-My Rating:

Ps: After looking at the poster, I completely forgot about Jessica Biel & Jamie Foxx!! Okay both of them were pretty entertaining also but see, so forgettable!~

After Valentine's Day, the whole Motley Crew went for a second helping of box-office treat. 
"Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief" to me is way cooler and more entertaining than Valentine's Day. I guess it has got to do with the fact that I'm always fascinated with the myths and legends of Greek Gods and Goddesses and Percy Jackson has nicely incorporated these mythical characters into an adventure story.

The general reviews for this movie were great, but I had one or two people telling me that it is a crappy movie. To some it could be a commercialized movie with no substance what-so-ever but one may argue that incorporating the concepts of God/Goddesses, superheroes and a treasure hunt adventure movie all in one cannot be disregarded as shoddy. As much as some would say that Grecian myths are bull-crap, it had been nicely roped into the movie and it is made me submerged into a mystical world of Gods and Goddesses that I wish I could really live in. Other cool Greek characters that are featured include Medusa and the Hydra monster to name a few. 

Medusa is supposed to be ugly, but this is??

Hades, God of the Underworld, which looked like Mick Jagger in the movie

Poseidon, God of the Sea, Earthquakes & Horses
Time to ask him about what happened in Haiti...


If you haven't know already, this movie is based on a series of "Percy Jackson & the Olympians" books. There was an article in the Star Newspapers today on the concept of the books and the movie and it is wonderful to know that the books (and now movie) serve as such an inspiration and motivation for people struggling with dyslexia and ADHD. That's the beauty of stories like these, you don't know who it could reach out to.

The creator was inspired by his son who is also dyslexic and a ADHD. Because his son had hated reading and school, Rick Riordan would tells stories of Greek Gods and myth which fascinated his son and when he ran out of stories he had asked his son to come up with some and *ta da* Percy Jackson was created. 

The movie tells of Percy Jackson, just an ordinary boy who sees himself as a loser due to his dyslexia and ADHD. What he didn't know is that his incapabilities were due to fact that he is demi-God, meaning being the offspring of God and human or what you call, half human half God. He is the son of Poseidon, one of the 3 main Gods (Zeus and Hades are the other 2) and because of the status of his father, he is constantly in danger and need protection. Without him knowing it though, there were people around him that are literally heaven sent to protect him, including his crippled best friend, Grover, who is a Satyr and his disabled teacher Mr. Brunner, who is a Centaur. Even at home, his mum has taken various precautions to protect his identity without him knowing it. 

Pierce Brosnan as Mr. Brunner/Chiron, the wise Centaur

When Zeus's lightning bolt went missing, many accused Percy of stealing it. This had led to many different creatures going after him for the bolt, because the bolt was very powerful. Although Poseidon had argued that his son Percy does not have the bolt, the bolt's disappearance had angered Zeus who threatened to start a war if Percy do not return the bolt. Hades also made an agreement with Percy that if he hands in the bolt, Hades will release Percy's mother from the grasp of hell. Percy, in order to save his mother, went on a quest with 2 friends, Grover & Annabeth (daughter of Athena) to find Hades and persuade him to release his mother even though he doesn't have the bolt. In order to find Hades, they need to go to the underworld and to get out from the Underworld, they need to find pearls.

Annabeth, the daughter of the Goddess of Civilization, Wisdom, Strength, Strategy and Justice...*phew* long list

Grover, the Satyr

The whole movie is basically like a treasure hunt, with the three of them following a map which takes them from one adventurous place to another in order to find the pearls. I really kinda enjoyed the whole adventure story but I believe I had the advantage of having not read the book first and so I won't do a comparison. Usually when books get translated into the silver screen, they change a lot of things, much to fans' despair and so, not reading the book first could actually be the reason I like the movie. Nevertheless I've read somewhere that the movie did do the book justice though there were changes here and there. 

I do encourage you to give this movie a go if you are the type who enjoys adventurous sci-fi movies with a touch of myths and legends in it. Another good reason to watch it is because it is directed by acclaimed director, Chris Columbus, who director the first two Harry Potter movie. If there's one thing I like about Columbus, it is how he manage to stick as closely as possible to the original book, without changing too much of it until it feels like it doesn't belong anymore.

But if you are not the kind who digs unrealistic myths, then perhaps Percy Jackson is not your thing. For me however, I do think that Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is a great watch. Although it is almost 2 hours long, I don't feel it and I want more. Can't wait for the next instalment! I really should get hold of the books because if the movie is actually this good, I bet the books would be even better! The author did say that he is influenced by J.K. Rowling and that is definitely not a bad thing. 

TC-My Rating:

Tomorrow I'm off to watch another great movie! Can't wait!!

With Lotsa Love,

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