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Took some time out to really enjoy a movie.
I've been wanting to watch this one quite some time ago but never really had the chance to. Finally, thanks to technology and YouTube, I got a chance to watch it in HD version! I'm super happy. Oh I forgot to update you guys that I actually bought a new speaker and so now, my movie moments are enhanced by super cool average-but-loud acoustic system haha.

Anywayz...back to the movie.
Okay...I heard this one is really good and natural my expectations were high. This is the first time since a long time that I have high expectations and wasn't let down. "Up" is fantastic! Never underestimate what kiddy animation can do.

 First of all, the animated characters in "Up" are super adorable. So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (plz say it in a draggy mushy tone). My favourite character has got to be Russell, the cute chubby little boy. I seriously don't know why I have also a liking for chubbiness. Maybe because I am chubby myself haha. Nah but seriously, Russell is super adorable.

Way cuter than Russell Peters muahaha

I think the whole story is out of the world. It is super creative though some might argue that there were a lot of parts that doesn't make any sense. I mean, forget the fact that the house can actually fly and float in the sky with the help of balloons (I don't know much about science but maybe there's a possibility out there I am not aware of), but how can Russell's shoe size be smaller than Carl's mouth? There are a lot more illogical occurrences in the movie but heck, it was such a fun movie, everything else doesn't seem to matter.

The main theme that builds the movie is just one simple word - FRIENDSHIP.
It's finding friendship through adventures and helping each other in the face of adversities.

Friendship is not defined by age, gender, race or anything physical for that matter.
It's all above love.
I guess sometimes we just don't realized it but are true friends are always there for us.

In the beginning, we see Carl meeting Ellie and soon, both of them became best friends, married each other and became life-long partners. I find the music background in the movie super effective in tearing me up. My GOD! This is practically the first cartoon-like movie that managed to make me cry just like 15 minutes into the movie, beating Lion King (the first cartoon/movie that made me cry).  When Ellie died and left Carl lonely, I just couldn't hold back the tears that had been threatening to roll down. I've always have a soft spot for old folks. Plus, I'm so touched by the love they share for one another. If I could propose my love story, I'd want exactly a relationship like that - a lifetime spent with my bestest buddy/husband, just like Ellie and Carl.

I love their custom-made postbox. Such a simple but wonderful thing a couple can share.
I feel sad seeing Carl hanging on to the box after Ellie had died but honestly, if I were him, I think I'll probably hang on the same.

What more can I say...awww...

Anyway we see Carl devastated after Ellie's death but Carl continue to pursue both their dreams - which is to build their house on Paradise Land. He wanted to do this for Ellie and so he decided to fly with his house all the way to Paradise Land. He then crossed path with little boy Russell, who Carl later shared an adventure with.

A flying house with multi-coloured balloons? COOL~!

Through their adventures together, Carl learned about moving on and letting go of Ellie. One of the most touching part in the movie for me is seeing Carl looking through Ellie's adventure book and he was flipping through their pictures together - both happily together. The end Ellie scribbled something like "Thanks for our adventure together and now go find some new adventures".

Ellie's adventure book in which she recorded down her life dreams and the adventures she shared with her beloved husband, Carl

I guess sometimes we hang on to stuff that we love so much that we neglect to see what we have around us. In some ways Carl blames Russell for screwing up his plans of getting the house to Paradise Land that he failed to see Russell as a new found friend.

I really enjoyed the movie. I think in some ways, this simple story has really managed to capture my full concentration. It's witty and some parts really funny. And like I said, I really like Russell.

You don't have to be a kid to watch this one really. Watch this one and relive the kid inside of you, just like Carl. It's a definitely a feel-good movie where you can chill with family and friends. You have got to watch "Up". I know the DVDs are just out in stores so you can definitely get it.

PS: If there's one thing I super like about this movie, it's the multi-coloured balloons.
Really cheered me up. I love colourful things. It heightens happy and make you smile naturally. Look at them!

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