Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My laptop speakers made watching movies a pain in the you-know-where. I practically hear nothing and the fact that the movies have no subtitles doesn't really work towards my advantage.

Thanks to the recent PC fair, in which I bought myself a cute RM 10 speaker, I can now say that I can really enjoy movies at the comforts of home again without the need to strain my ears and 'open' my earlobes for better signal receptions. 

Anyway so basically due to the terrible sound effects, I didn't enjoy "7 Pounds" the first time I watch it. But well, I've heard some really positive comments about the movie so it was a matter of time before I gave it a second chance.

The story is simple.
It's about Will Smith's character, Ben, who felt guilty after killing 7 in a car crash due to his own negligence. Thus he plans to redeem himself by donating parts of his body (organs) and his house to 7 different people who are in desperate need of his help.

It's a touching story really. The movie portrays the pain and guilt that one felt after accidentally causing the lives of so many people. It's not easy living through guilt. It really stings. 

In many ways I do not get Will Smith's character, Ben, but I guess that's just because I am fortunate enough to not have to live through so much guilt. I don't know how it's like to wish you were the one dead instead of the people you've indirectly killed. And I hope I'll never have to feel that. 

But I guess the fact that Ben actually took the initiative to help to many people and even at the expense of killing himself is a very noble thing. I think in many ways, his kindness towards people has already redeemed him his sins, if he had any. Sometimes, things happens and we blame ourselves when maybe we shouldn't have. It's hard to not feel guilty I guess. There's always the burden but if it were me, I don't think I'd have even 1 % of Ben's courage to do the things he did.

"7 Pounds" is not told in chronological order.
There were flashbacks inserted here and there. Sometimes you might not get what Ben is doing until you've watched further. It's hard to understand his character at times but ultimately, you'll know that all he wanted to do is to make sure that the people he help is deserving of his gift.

The most touching part is seeing his heart transplanted into his new found love, Emily who suffers from a heart disease. It's like he is living inside her now; she has his heart with her, though he's not living in the world anymore. It was a beautiful ending really...

And unbelievably, one of my favourite part in this movie is the love-making scene. DON'T GET ME WRONG. I'm not a pervert. If I were, I'd recommend porno instead. But the love-making scene in 7 Pound is unlike the other arousing, racy and sexual scenes in other movies. To me, this scene embodies their love for each other. When I watch this scene, I felt their love for each other, and not their lust. It's the first time watching a sex scene and not think dirty but of a love that is pure and beautiful. When Will Smith kissed Emily's scar on her chest, you'll feel that at that moment, she will feel all her pain and sickness disappear.

The other part that I love was when Will Smith tells the blind guy, Ezra (whom he was going to donate his eyes to) to go for the waitress. I love Ezra. I really love the dude. He's such a sweetheart and in many ways, I pity him for having low-self confidence due to blindness.

Overall, this is yet another very meaningful movie by Will Smith. The story is good, acting is good, nicely done movie. However, there were times where I just don't get Emily' and Ben's character. They are like together and not together...well it's complicated at first until the later part. I wish they were more straightforward but really, what is straightforward in life huh...Emily is a bit too aggressive at times, which totally doesn't work for me. I guess maybe I'm just not that aggressive when it comes to love, which make me a sucker but that's another story lar haha. So, I don't get Emily and the things she do really. Well, I won't dare to do half the things she does for sure.

 Kisses heals

Anyway if you haven't watch this one yet, make sure you find time for it. There were also some people who commented it as a bore but then again, it's a matter of what's your cup of tea. Is "7 pounds" worth 7 pounds? I'd say more worthy than "Final Destination 4" which I paid 7 pounds for in Liverpool.

TC-My Rating:

Three stars because even though the storyline was good and there were moments of great cinematographic effects, I don't think I'd watch it again. Plus, I do believe that there would be some who would find the movie a bore because there were a tad more focus on the love story between Emily and Ben, rather than Ben really helping people.


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