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After the second time I watch Twilight, I kinda swore that I won't watch the sequel. But when I saw Jacob and his oh-so-gorgeous looks and body....*gulp*, I lost my integrity to a set of sexy biceps and hot looks.

The cold version

The warmer version

There are basically a few reasons why people watch the Twilight Saga.

The most obvious reason is the 2 hot dudes. I mean, seriously, it's either Edward or Jacob. It's obvious that the producers used the dudes as selling point. For Twilight, they publicized Edward's hotness (and make Jacob look weird), building up Team Edward. In New Moon, the focus was solely on Jacob, literally rebranding him into something too hot to handle and soliciting new members for Team Jacob. Honestly, I've noticed Jacob's hotness in Twilight. My cousins laughed. Now you see. His heat doubled to boiling temperature. He's sizzling in this installment.

Anyway, 3 types of dudes would watch it. One, the ones who want to show the romantic side to girls they wanna woo. Two, the ones who were forced by their girlfriends or wives who wants to churn out their romantic side. Third - Gay.

But then with the amount of publicity dedicated to it, I bet a lot watch it out of curiousity. You know, to see how sucky it is and to have a good laugh...haha.

But seriously, if you are a person who doesn't get super emo romantic stories, save your cash, do some investment or donate it to charity. RM 7 is a lot of money haha. I mean, inclusive of pop-corns and drinks, that'll be like more than RM 10 spent on New Moon.

Although directed by another director, this movie didn't fail to carry on the slow and draggy style. Bella & Edward still share this awkward love and eye-contact. The lamest scene?

Bella: "It's still my birthday.....bla bla bla...kiss me"

My GOD! Act like a normal couple lar please. Seriously...I thought bf are supposed to kiss their gf on their birthdays. Maybe in that context Bella felt that Edward is not gonna kiss her and so she asked. But it was really lame. Why can't they be more natural with each other? Everytime both of them share the screen, they don't look like they love each other, they look like they are not comfortable with each other. What's a romance story with such weird chemistry? Bad romance? Like I say, I really don't know if it's Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson's bad acting or are they really that good that they can portray such stiff and wooden characters. If it's the characters, then I really don't get the 2 lead characters.

Even the poster carries a super emo theme

I get it. The title of the movie is New Moon, supposedly the darkest period of something. So basically, in this movie, it is Bella's journey through her darkest moments, hence her emo-ness and the never ending screams. Maybe I'm too 'gay' for such context so I don't get it. That's why the movie has to be so 'gothic' style. 

But putting myself in the shoes of a common & normal day-to-day person who is not the emo type, Jacob is the saviour of the movie. Watching him is the only thing that made the movie bearable. I mean, Jacob has better chemistry with Bella. At least Jacob's character makes things normal. Although he's a werewolf, he's not like Edward. He really make you feel 'warmer'.

You see, in the movie, vampires are cold-blooded while werewolves are hot (and they are! haha) My favourite part in the movie (yes, I actually have one) is when Jacob say to Bella who's freezing: "It's a hundred and eight degrees over here" and then Bella hugs him to warm up. Awww....I actually felt the warmth myself too...cinemas nowadays are really cold too see. I wish Jacob was next to me haha..okaylar back to reality.




I mean, isn't it obvious which pack I'm in? 
The pack of werewolves haha...
I usually prefer warmth, sorry Emmett & Carlisle. You guys are hot but the wolves are hotter! haha

Anyway like I say - dragggggy stoooryyllllinee....mainly because the dialogues exchange were kinda stupid. Hearing Edward and Bella communicating with each other makes me feel like  I'm back in the 15 hundreds only more pathetic. I wanna slap both of them and asking to hurry up with their speech which actually means nothing but one thing - they love each other, WE GET IT though I personally don't see it! I mean, you don't have to deliver love lines like that slow and making it sound like so...fake. I mean, I don't see Jacob taking 10 hours to express his love for Bella.

I'm officially in love with a baby! ;P

I'm not into younger guys but this is Taylor Lautner! 
He's really kinda ..beautiful lolx

But nevermind...
This is what we call window shopping

And Jacob has a way of making such a fantasy-like movie somewhat relatable. I love the way he and Bella spent time together fixing the motorbikes and hang out at movies. It's like what normal friends would do. He's like the guy friend you would enjoy hanging out with. Plus he's hot...but that's another story haha.

But at least compared to Twilight, Bella and Edward have more chemistry. Nevertheless, this sequel lacks the excitement in Twilight. We also don't get to see the whole Cullen family in action together. Last time, my favourite scene was the baseball scene in Twilight because I felt the sense of family unity. With this one, I was waiting and waiting for it but my thirst was not quench. So no family kicking butts but there were lots of vampire-eating werewolves.

The movie also fails to spice up the history between the werewolves and vampires as well as the Volturi. I think it would be interesting to continue enhancing that legend as it would definitely carry the Twilight saga forward, in terms of better storylines, instead of just so love oriented.

Well to be fair, I guess everyone who enter the cinema for a taste of New Moon should expect it to be about romance. It'll be again stupid to expect something else. I mean, to be fair, if you go to a Korean restaurant, of course you'll get Korean food right? Same as New Moon. You can only expect 'emo' scenes and nothing much. Maybe a bit of action and humour here and there.

If it's your sort of thing - you know, like the super emo kinda love story, I think you will like it. I mean, I was about to leave the cinema when I heard 3 Caucasian girls complimenting the movie. Well....good to know. In the end, I went in for Jacob and for a good laugh. I got both so though the storyline wasn't action-packed and exciting, I got what I went in for.

But one thing is for sure. Girls, making your bf watch New Moon with you would be one of the BEST punishment if they ever offend you. haha...

ANother lame Bella-logue (bla bla-logue really) before I end:
Bella to Jacob: "I love you, but don't make me choose because it'll be him (Edward). It has always been him".

My GOD! Bella, please don't simply say I love you. Do you even know what it means and what context to use it in. The word selfish is not even enough to describe Bella seriously. It's like she's using Jacob as what? On the surface, what she say is like such 'kind' words but seriously, it's the most hurtful words ever...Don't make me choose? She already is choosing. Thank God in real life Jacob is not in love with her man.

TC-My Rating:

Ps: One star is SOLELY FOR JACOB. The movie itself is only worth 2 1/2 to me haha.


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