Saturday, December 26, 2009


5 of us on a mission.
Go to GSC Midvalley - secure tickets to Avatar 3D on Christmas.
Should have known better.

No bookings prior to the movie.
2 hours before the 9PM show. We're kinda nuts to believe that we can actually get tickets to the movie ya.
Hey we are believers! But that doesn't mean we get the tickets lar.
So instead of flying through Pandora (the planet of the Omaticaya tribe in Avatar), we sort of ended up in Sg. Long (my cousins' house) watching DVDs.

Truth be told, I've already watch the 2D version of Avatar. It was awesome. I'm still working on the review for it. So much to talk about when it comes to that movie man! I guess I will watch the 3D version first before writing about the movie. I have a feeling writing about Avatar is gonna be another page of grandmother story from me.

So we were in Sg. Long, finally decided on watching "Hostage" starring Bruce Willis.
It's a movie in which I wanted to watch once upon a time but never really got a chance to. I heard it was a great movie and kinda scary.

Well, it wasn't really a psycho-analytical movie, if that's what you expect. I thought it's gonna be gory and bloody and all but really, it wasn't that bad. It might scare a few kids but if you are used to extremely violent scenes and all...(I'm not bragging ahem...) this is really nothing. Haha.

'Hostage' is about Bruce Willis, once a successful negotiator but after a failed mission blamed himself for the death of a woman and her son.  One year after the incident, he retired from his negotiating days, though still part of the police force.

The title of the movie is apt. I think there is nothing better to describe the movie than the word "Hostage".

However he was kinda forced back into the job when his family was held hostage by a bunch of people doing illegal business. In order to save his family, he has to redeem a CD from an accountant (and his family), who is held hostage by 3 teenage boys.

So basically, Bruce Willis has to juggle the responsibility of saving 2 families.

Though I feel that the storyline is not super engaging or super interesting, there were moments that kept you so suspense that you might grip on to whatever you have around you...your pillow, the mattress or maybe your hair...
Well, the few of us were hanging on to the edges of our seats, guessing the fate of the little son of the accountant. No spoilers here on whether he survived or not.

If the movie is actually supposed to be a freaky psycho-thriller, it definitely didn't blew me away. The only scary, but actually, not exactly that scary character is Mars. But I guess it is not a psycho-thriller lar because it really didn't work for me there.

Overall, it really isn't one of the best action-thriller movies I've watched. The storyline is quite normal, no twists that awed me. At points, I just wished that there were more things that would unfold but there wasn't any. I think in some ways, it is somewhat predictable.

It wasn't bad but it is just another movie.
If you are into action and all, watch this to get a medium high boost of adrenaline running. The good thing is, due to certain kinda suspense scenes, the movie wasn't draggy - the movie is pretty face paced, so it won't bore you to death.

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