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These few days had been a movie marathon - it's like I'm gulping down countless movies in a day. It's a great thing that I get to catch up on my movies but then again, my movie expectations are actually kinda hiked up. It's hard to feel the satisfaction after watching those movies. Most of the times, I either feel disappointed or I feel that I've just watched another movie that has no impact at all.

It's really been a long time since I enjoyed a heart-felt movie so much.
Tonight is my lucky night.
I was scrolling through my hard-drive and I decided on a chick-flick. I stumbled across a movie that starred 4 hot ladies that have been trying to vie for my attention since ages ago. Tonight, I paid the sudden attention that they so deserve.

So if you are thinking it is "Sex and The City the movie" are so far from being right.

"The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2" is to me, a really nice movie. Ultimately, I guess I kinda like movies like these you know, movies that highlights life in general - where you can really just chill watching. No pressure, no expectations - a combination of family, love, friendship....and just, being girls haha. It's the kinda movie that you, or rather I can to a certain extend relate to.

"The movie brings back the charming fresh comedy, drama, romance, and adventure with a powerful message about coming of age and friendship."

The sad thing is, I did not watch the first movie, I practically jumped to the sequel...but no fret, I'm trying to get hold of the first one though. But here's what I gather from watching the sequel; Basically the story follows the life of 4 best friends, who are bonded together by a pair of blue jeans that fitted the four of them, despite their different shapes and sizes.

Nonetheless, after graduation, they had to part ways and they decided to secure their bond by passing on the jeans in rotation.

The second movie continues to follow the four different girls with basically four different characteristics and interests and backgrounds through their life journey.

First there is Lena, played by Alexis Bledel.

Greek Goddess

She is the Greek girly girl, sweet and pretty girl who is into art. She is struggling to heal from her heartbreak from her boyfriend, Kostos, whom after she broke-up with due to a family feud - something like Romeo and Juliet that sorta thing. But then she realized that she can't let go of her feelings from him but sadly he is married to another girl who claims to have Kostos's baby.

Hot man hot!!

Nude model vs. Greek God

So she pursue her love for art in by taking art lessons and met nude model, Leo, whom she nearly had a romantic inkling to. I think in Leo she found the cure to the pain of her broken heart...but then realized that her one true love is still Kostos.

Then there's Tibby, played by Amber Tamblyn who is the kinda insecure cum a bit emo cum a bit troubled with life but darn funny one.

I think she's really hot. Love her in the movie. 
Emo chick

She is the kinda rock-star slash punk type of girl in the movie. She has a boyfriend who loves her to the max but she is so insecure that she feels that she is not deserving of love. So whenever she gets emotionally close to someone, she feels the need to avoid it and move away.

Tibby's boyfriend, Brian

After having sex with her boyfriend, Brian, they realized that they had a sex malfunction. It scared"YOU CAN ACTUALLY HAVE A SEX MALFUNCTION? What is that?"
Oh well, it's just that the condom broke. And well, I know about practicing safe sex and all but Tibby doesn't want to have a baby to the extend that she went into an emotional shut down.
Can't blame her I guess. Different people faces different worries in life. Not that I would actually have sex before marriage but if the condom broke, I think it wouldn't be as bad for me as it would be for Tibby. I think in many ways Tibby is not just worried about having her baby, but she's worried that the people she love, like Brian would leave her, and she'll be left alone.

Next is Bridget played by Blake Lively.

The familiar face of Gossip Girl, Blake Lively plays Bridget - the sporty girl
Bridget is trying to recover from her mother's death, thinking that her mother left her because she doesn't love her anymore. Bridget was all this while trying to escape the truth of her past, but after an archeology assignment in Turkey, she learns from a wonderful professor, Nasrin that sometimes, it is what's left of the past that is fascinating - like the bones of the ancient people that are left behind tells fascinating tales and stories about people's traditions and cultures. Bridget then went to visit her grandmother  to face her past and rekindled with her dad.

The last member of the sisterhood is Carmen or Nena, who is starred by America Ferrera.
Now I think one thing that this movie has proved, it is that America Ferrara can act beyond her alter-ego Ugly Betty. In many ways I really enjoy watching America here.

The drama princess

I love this love~

 How can one not fall in love with this?
In this movie, America's character, Carmen is also a bit insecure, feeling that she is losing her friends since they don't hang out often anymore; it's like she's missing out on a lot of their activities and updates. Also she feels drifted from her mum, now that she has a new man in her life and a new baby on the way.

That summer, Carmen plans to spend her summer with her friends and pregnant mum but she discovered that all of them have plans of their own. She was kinda angry with them all for neglecting her and feels that they are not treasuring their friendship anymore.

To sort of distract herself, she followed her friend Julia (who is the lead actress in a play in Yale) to Vermont where she intend to help out backstage as a crew. However, she met lead actor, Ian, who practically made her audition. Though she thought it was just a fake audition  for her in which she shall just play along, not-to-be-taken seriously, she ended up with the lead role, Perdita, much to Julia's envy.

Well, naturally, Carmen had a crush on the lead actor, Ian, who's superbly GORGEOUS and British some more,..ah....with his accent and all, what is not to love, right?
Anyway, Carmen realized that her insecurities were ungrounded and that in the end, who her real true friends are.

When Effie (Lena's sister) lost their pair of jeans, the four of them were brought together again to discuss. They realized that instead of bringing them closer, the jeans had made them argue even more, and is tearing them apart. Lena decided that she should be in charged of looking for the jeans in Greece, since her sister lost it.

Little did she know, her whole bunch of friends went to Greece on a mission to get her and Kostos back together.

In the end, Carmen narrated that maybe the jeans got lost for a purpose.
To bring them back together again...
I guess sometimes, some things need to happen before we start learning to treasure the  things we have or sometimes, some things have to happen so that friendship can be built and retained.

In many ways I envy the four girls.

They have that bond that I so wish I had between few best friends...or maybe I do have that in some ways, with some of my friends. It's just that, I never felt what they girls had in a gang. But nonetheless, ALL MY FRIENDS ARE THE BEST. Many times, they've helped me go through the hardest times. I think they are one of the reason I consider myself truly blessed.

In some ways I feel like Carmen with my friends.
Sometimes, I just feel that they are slipping away.
I guess in many ways, leaving and departing is part and parcel of life. We have to part some day somehow, but the most important thing is to just be there for one another when your friends need you. To try to sustain a friendship is just by being there. Maybe we don't need to be around each other physically, I guess it's the love that lives on ya.

The bunch that I just love to hang out with and hope can hang out with forever

Such a feel good movie. Brilliant for a chill out session with friends.
Not sure there'll be another sequel but if there is, I'll be the first to line up for it.

TC-My Rating:

With LotSa Lurve,

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