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Whenever I finish watching a movie, I feel obliged to write about it and I have NO IDEA WHY.
I know I'm full of crap but I just need to talk about the movie. However, sometimes, I just dragged on and then later, I lost the urge to actually translate those feelings I feel about the movie into words (of the not-so-wisdom).

So I felt that I need to at least put down a few thousand words on the first movie that I've watched lately - 2012.

2012 - Remember we only have 2 years more to live. Don't say I didn't warn you. "We were warned"

*Grand music*
Poster rising up from the sea waters....

Seriously...I think it deserve this grand opening (not because the movie is good though).
I mean, with the amount of publicity that was given to this movie, no wonder the cinema is flooded with human beings. Kenny Rogers lar...what else...pop corn bags name it...
End of the world is not caused by the waters that flood Earth but the suffocation due to the lack of oxygen in Kinta City, Ipoh the night we decided to watch the movie.

Me, King Kong & YC planned to watch this movie a few weeks back and this actually lead me to another lame story... Someone pointed out that 'J' seating is too near the screen and so... we found our three butts in another cinema hall watching Phobia 2.,and don't even get me there. Safe it for another day. ANYWAYZ before I drift off, let's get back to 2012.

So after failing to get tickets over and over again for the movie, finally that night, 25102009, we actually managed to watch this blockbuster.

Was I disappointed with the movie?
Because I have zero expectations on the movie, the movie turned out to be not such a painful 2 hours and 45 minutes. I never watch all these 'end of the world' slash 'disaster' movie because seriously, what do you even get out of it besides 'feasting' your eyes on natural disasters that claim the lives of thousands or even millions of fake CGI characters. Like one of my friend say, some people just like the pleasure of watching destruction, FAKE destruction mind you. For me, I'm so NOT INTO THAT.


Destruction beyond repair

Nevertheless, with 2012, I silently shared some teary moments with some of the touching scenes though after that King Kong had to made sure she announce it to practically the world. I have no idea why I teared up because I think the movie is in some ways pretty lame and pretty predictable. I'm actually pretty embarrassed. But nevermind, I felt the dude sitting next to me in the cinema sniffling too..hehe...

Back to 2012.
According to many, the CG is brilliantly done but then I'm not the kinda person who go for all these computer animation or graphic thingy so, nothing catchy there.

So you might be wondering why I actually watch 2012 if I had expected it to suck and I am not even the kinda person who is awed by the CG?
Well, you know 2012 is the kinda movie that you have to watch just because you want to go with the hype. At least after watching it you can give a 'critical' and 'analytical' point of view. If I hadn't watch it, it'll really be just like..."Oh I knew it'd suck so I didn't watch it. Full stop"

But now I'll be like...
The movie kinda suck though not completely because I have zero expectations prior to watching it. So I enter, expecting the worst and it turned out okay.

John Cusack's character is supposed to be like the leading character but seriously, I don't see anything in his character. Very weak and I don't understand why HE IS THE ONE GIVEN ALL THE PUBLICITY when I feel that a bit more impressive is the character Dr. Helmsley starred by Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Curtis & Helmsley

I mean, yes, John has some heroic moments in the movie (all really near-death but super fake moments) but seriously, towards the end of the movie, I'm like...hmmm...not really touched because I just don't feel the character. I mean, I assume he is a better man at the end of the movie and a better father but still I don't feel the transformation you know. The character is not endearing enough.

The worst part of the movie is that they killed the character Gordon and then that's it? John Cusack's wife is amazing really. Her boyfriend just died, crushed by a machine and a few minutes later she's in the arms of another man... I guess that contribute to the fact why I just don't feel the vibe of this family. The kids are adorable but that's all really. Hmmm....sad but I feel that the Curtis family is not engaging enough in the movie.

Dr. Helmsley is different. I can see him glow towards the end of the movie. Okaylar, he might not be the greatest actor in the world but I like the end part where he took charge of the ship and convincing all the Presidents and Prime Minister to open the gates for everyone. His leadership qualities oozing out. I like how he transformed from a person who decided to close-one-eye to the unfairness of the materialistic world to one who stepped up, took control of the situation and stood up for fairness. That's character though an idealistic representation of things!

Cusack's character Curtis is supposed to be a writer who's supposed to inspire but seriously, all the inspiring lines are from  Helmsley, well, from my personal point of view.

Even Helmsley relationship with his father is touching (though the acting, well a bit not up to my standards haha). By the way this is the first part that had me welled up in my eyes.

My favourite line from the movie (yes, I have one even for this movie) is by the President. First time Black president in the movie I might add. Anyway, the President told his daughter that he will announce the news about the world coming to an end so that everyone will have a chance to hold their loved ones and tell them how much they loved each other. This was the second part of the movie that got to me.

If the world is coming to an end, I would also wished that I had a chance to tell everyone how much I love them. Facing death might not be the hardest or saddest part. At least for now I don't think it is yet. I guess I was really sad watching this part because it reminded me of the deprivation of my chance to tell my grandpa how much I loved him and to be there next to him when he passed on. It is a really sad thing to not have a chance to tell that someone how much you love him or her and so I was really touched by that scene, no matter how bad the rest of the movie might be.

The storyline of 2012 is just like any other disaster movies. I mean, flood or comet invasions whatever it is, the world just get destroyed and the lead actor most likely survives. Seriously, nothing there.

But I kinda like the themes circling the whole storyline. Humanity. Helping others despite of adversities. It makes me wonder myself, if it were the end of the world, would I stay as selfish or would I actually put others before myself.

There were critics on the misrepresentation of the Ancient Mayan's prediction. Sadly, I do not possess enough knowledge on this issue to give a fair and critical comment.

Now after my not-so-professional write-up on 2012, I shall now refer you to my friend, JT and his movie blog.

JT NEVER FAILS to give an impressive account on movie analysis. He knows his stuff. He knows his director and their directing styles. He knows how to compare and contrast. In other words, HE KNOWS HIS MOVIES. And boy was JT critical on 2012 haha. In some ways I agree with JT but seriously, 2012 is not as f***ed up lar. Doesn't deserve the multiple !!! marks haha. Maybe because I really expected it to be worst. It was really long 2 hours and 45 minutes but surprisingly, bearable. Maybe because I was already preparing my sleeping mode when I entered. Then again, I managed to survive the 'ordeal' though by the end of it my eyes were barely open.

I always try to give another side of the story. TRY haha.
Well if you've read JT's blog, you might now feel that the movie REALLY SUCKED. Bare in mind, JT is very professional. A broadcast student with a highly gifted brain for movie reviewing (pay me later JT). So he might have very deep and interesting views on the movie which totally blew me away.

But I shall provide you with another link. I found this dude's blog randomly while searching for pics. Vincent Loy's blog. If you read Vincent's blog, you'll find flowery language used to describe the movie haha.

Whose side are you on? You decide.
Adding a bit of New Moon flavour here. Team JT or Team Vincent.

TC-My Rating:

Not a movie that I'll rewatch but if you like these kinda movies, I think you MIGHT like this one. The publicity is seriously OVERRATED.


  1. I realise those movies I seriously interested to watch are all end up tak jadi watching =.=
    2012 again is another movie that I truly interested in, but since the 'pro' movie critics, Mr LJT said it sucks to the top of the world...I have no more reason to watch this. Perhaps one day I shall just download this to watch :)

  2. Download je lar seriously but unless you wanna go for the effects. Some ppl seriously watch these movies because of the effects. For those must really watch in cinema. I think if you download, it will become even worst for you..

  3. im nt pro la...aiks....
    anyway, i will write another post discuss about 2012 nextime....
    There is another dimension I would like to talk about

  4. wah so many dimensions ah haha...okay okay...
    will read it


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