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You tuck me in turn out the light...
Kept me safe and sound at night

I can almost see it..
That dream I'm dreaming...

Every sky was your own kinda blue,
And I wanted to know, how that would feel....

Pop it, lock it, polka dot it, countrify it, hip hop beat...

These tracks share a similarity. I'm giving you 5 seconds to guess.


If you guess it right, well done. You belong in this century.

If you have no clue, well, where have you been? But I don't blame you. I understand if you are not a Hannah Montana fan.

I mean, seriously...I really do not get the Miley Cyrus a.k.a. Hannah Montana hype. And I so not get the movie either.

Now I won't be biased just because I'm not a Miley fan. I must admit that the songs are ALL GREAT. Undeniable. Well, if you know me by now, I'm a HUGE HUGE country music fan so I can't help it but actually like Miley's songs (some of them); I mean, since she is a country girl and a country music singer's daughter. I'm a country girl at heart see ;P but not as sweet.

But honestly, Hannah Montana: The Movie is really just riding on the success of the TV show and the Hannah Montana 'brand'. And also, it is basically another way to sell Miley Cyrus's songs. I mean, movies with good soundtrack is basically have an extra avenue to gain extra revenues.

And with Hannah Montana, the movie can suck but they will still make a fortune from it. Imagine - DVDs, Soundtracks, movie sales, merchandises. You can't walk down Liverpool street without not seeing anything that is related to Hannah Montana.  The familiar purple colour backgrounds the blonde star on bags, stickers, shoes - YOU NAME IT. I won't be surprise if someone has Hannah Montana tattooed on their a** or maybe forehead. That's how crazy people are over well, a fake 15-year-old country star who isn't really singing country anymore.

So, where was I? Yes, the movie. So I mean, it is only natural that there is a movie on this and as usual, the storyline is bland. It's like sitting through 1 hour and 40 minutes of nothing.  By the way, I was so bored that I actually watch the second half of the movie on a different day.

The thing that saved the movie? Besides the fact that I love Lucas Till who is so hot because he is so the country-guy, I think some of the songs in the movie really salvage the plot. Well, maybe in the first place, it is about the music. But in my opinion, if you really want to make a musical, at least make the plot a "hooker." Seriously, if you really despise country music, you'll die a meaningless death watching this movie. For me, it's salvation haha. Most of the songs are country and the great thing is that there are cameos of my favourite country music singers - Rascal Flatts & Taylor Swift.

Basically the story is about Hannah Montana, the teenage superstar who has another identity, another life as a normal teen - Miley Steward. Well this seems like a creative concept for a sitcom but the movie kinda overdid it that it doesn't seem to make sense anymore, well at least for a 'matured' grown-up, it doesn't.

The movie sees Hannah Montana being carried away by fame, forgetting her country roots. So her daddy, Billy Cyrus tries to get her back on track by bringing her back to her hometown. There she rediscover herself.

Seems pretty predictable and the resolution of the climax just doesn't work at all.

There are 2 climatic moments. One where the British reporter is supposed to expose Miley's identity and the second one is where Travis gets angry at Miley for lying (of course we know they get back together duh!). That's basically when Miley realizes how she actually loves where she hails from, her origins.

Normally, I don't blame this teen flicks for being predictable. I mean, one of the features of chick flicks, teen flicks, bimbo flicks (whatever you  call it) is that they are ALL PREDICTABLE. You watch it just to kill time (or to torture your boyfriends ;P)

But being predictable, at least do something to develop the resolution of the climax. I mean the ending was really pure stupid. I don't know but it's not developed enough for me. Like the reporter. He just quit? And his character really isn't developed at all.

Though the ending is a happy ending, it was like eating air...I even skipped the songs at the end because I just want it to end. Not great enough sorry. Don't get it.
Oh and there were some comedic moments in the movie which I seriously DO NOT GET. It was just so lame and not funny. I mean I don't even know who will laugh at that part, well except kids maybe. For example, the scene at the spinning hotel door where a few characters were spinning there. Seriously?? And the havoc during the lunch with the mayor was so unfunny that I could cry.

Okay, now I'm done with the negative. I'll tell you what I like in the movie.


There was one scene where Billy Ray Cyrus felt his daughter's pain and he was there for her. That is my favourite scene. I was really touched by what the father did for her daughter. I always feel moved by father-daughter moments, because deep down, these great dads always reminded me of my own daddy, who had always put us first beyond his own needs. I always feel that my dad's sacrifice is the greatest of all. I know it and that's why when I watch that scene, I was actually teary. And when Miley sang one of my favourite songs, "Butterfly Fly Away" I just can't control the waters anymore. I was actually crying. Yes! Darn I actually cried watching Hannah Montana...But I admit it and I'm not proud of it.

Meaningful dad and daughter moment
If I could sing and write, I'd write one for me dad too haha

Taylor Swift singing "Crazier" and they were dancing.
The song is just so beautiful I can't help but fall in love with the scene. Taylor looks stunningly gorgeous here. The dancing to the music is so romantic.

I think I'm going to make a 'secret' vow here. I'll seriously consider marrying the guy who actually ask me to dance to this song haha (that is if he wants me of course haha). I mean come on! It is only one of THE GREATEST love song ever. Whenever I hear this song, I can't help but think of 2 things - romantic dance with that special someone and the streets of Liverpool. When I was in Liverpool, this song kept repeating itself on my playlist that the scenery and memories of Liverpool is plastered together with the track.

How can I say no if this dude ask me to dance?
I'm still sane

I'm positive that Lucas Till is checking Taylor Swift out.
He said he has a crush on her.

I like to see both of them. They really look like a fun couple.

Rascal Flatts singing "Bless the Broken Road" on the front porch of the house. They sound mesmerizing. I wish they could have sung more.

Life is a climb and the view is beautiful.

I like the simple meetings and chats that Miley has with Travis. To me, that is so cool, just to have like a best friend who you can fall for.

Dates I'd love to have:

 Talking to each other about dreams & passions, about life & inspiring one another in life

Having loads of fun together even though you are doing s***ty work ;P

Or maybe just walking lar..
Not so country haha

 Challenging each other to some outdoor activities

Just hanging out doing normal stuff with each other

Well, even if I don't appreciate the movie, one can't deny the fact that Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana have so many worldwide fans that could just shut me up. Whatever I say don't really matter actually haha because Hannah Montana is a big hit.

Hannah Montana should follow the leads of Spiceworld. In my opinion, Spiceworld is a success seriously. The storyline is good and the jokes are witty. I love it and I don't mind rewatching it again and again. The songs were good, it just compliments the funny storyline. I don't know I just really enjoy Spiceworld.

The reason why I watch Hannah Montana is because of the songs. I want to give the movie a chance since the songs are so nice. Plus I just want to know what is all this Hannah Montana craze all about really. Why do kids like her so much?

Personally, I foresee Miley Cyrus down the 'devil's' path soon, just like Britney Spears. We'll see how long Hannah Montana 'lives'.
I can only see Taylor Swift on the angelic road.

Watch this one if you are crazy of Smiley Miley and country stuff!~  =D

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