Thursday, February 19, 2009


starring Vince Vaughn as Fred Claus, Paul Giamatti as Nicholas (Santa) Claus and Rachel Weisz as Wanda

I totally can relate to this movie. Vince Vaughn portrays Fred Claus, who is always overshadowed by his little brother, Nick. His mother would always say to Fred, "Why can't you be more like your brother?"

Fred, who is upset because he doesn't get as much attention as his brother turned naughty in order to get his parents' attention and also to get on his bro's nerves. I do feel over-shadowed by my siblings most of the times and therefore I know how it feels to be Fred. It is true that sometimes we would purposely do rebellious things in order to get on the nerves of the people who makes you feel unappreciated. But Thank God I don't have it as bad as Fred.

Well, Nick grew up to be the kindest soul and became Santa Clauss while Fred...well, is just Fred who hates Christmas and everything that reminds him of Santa. It is definitely tough for him because EVERYONE loves Santa and nobody cares about him.

As the story goes, Fred needs help from Nick in order to get $20000. So Nick, this time, instead of being soft-hearted had asked Nick to work for him in the North Pole and earn the money.

Later in the movie, I feel Fred taught Nick a very good lesson. Every year, I'm sure you guys know that Santa makes a "Naughty and Nice" list. Naughty kids do not get a present.

But Fred told Nick that there are no naughty kids. They are all good kids. Some kids are just misunderstood or unhappy. They behave wildly maybe because of certain conditions in their life that we are not aware of. We just need to understand these kids a little more.

Overall, "Fred Claus" is definitely a heart-warming movie and definitely one that would make your Christmas. I did not watch it during the Christmas seasons but after watching it, I definitely feel the warmth of Christmas and also the warmth of having a family.

It's entertaining and very very effective to kill the blues.

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