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starring Rachel McAdams as Colee, Tim Robbins as Fred, Michael Pena as T.K.

So if Tim Robbins ring a bell, that's because he is the star of "The Shawshank Redemption" and yes, "The Shawshank Redemption" is one of my favourite movies....and I've talked about it before in previous post.

Okay so when I saw the name Tim Robbins and Rachel McAdams (another one of my favourite actress), I feel I have to watch this one even though after reading the synopsis, I wasn't that into the story.

So a brief synopsis...
3 soldiers
2 given a month's break due to injuries (Colee and T.K.)
1 finally finished his time with the army (Fred)

Each has a destination.
Fred - Back home for good to his family and home made up of his beloved wife and son.

T.K. - First to Vegas to get sex workers to try to heal the injury in his privates. Apparently his ahem...five letter word starting with a P, wouldn't work after he got shot at the area. That's why he got a break hehe. Secondly, to visit his girlfriend, whom he can't let know about the 'private' injury.

Colee - Go to her dead boyfriend's family to return the guitar which her boyfriend claimed to be given to him by his father. She has no family to go back to since she has argued with her mum when she was younger. So she hopes that her boyfriend's family would accept her and let her stay with them.

Their lives crossed each other's path on a plane and then embarked on a journey together when their next flight was delayed. Fred decided to rent a car in order to get home earlier to see his wife and the other two wanted to tag along so that they can take another flight from another airport. Fred agreed because then he would pay less for the car and gas.

Of course on the journey they got to know each other, get on each other's nerves...

Then when Fred got home, as expected, his wife wants a divorce. His wife is used to being independent and feels that she doesn't need Fred in her life anymore. He is already devastated by the news but suddenly his son, who still love him a lot told him that he made it to Harvard, with scholarship. GOOD NEWS! Yeah...but the scholarship only cover 50% of the tuition fees and that his father needs to come out with $20000 to register...if not the offer is gone.

Fred promised his son that he'll come out with the money. His two new buddies were worried that Fred might commit suicide in order to get insurance money so they decided to once again tag along with Fred, who decided to find his brother for help with the money. Of course they are a lot more stuff in the movie which I wished I could tell you but it doesn't make sense if I actually write the whole story out.

The movie has a lot of subtle comedic moments, or dry humor which did entertain me. In fact, it made me laugh quite a lot.

The storyline looks simple but the overall presentation of it is fresh. It is a story about self-discovery, friendship and life. Sometimes, you'll learn about yourself, life and others more in unlucky situations. And if you see it differently, to be there, to actually go through that experience, actually makes you THE LUCKY ONE. Thus, the title of the movie - The Lucky Ones.

I really really like this movie. It's simple yet quite entertaining. The ending is ...well, not like those happy-ever-after kinda ending. It leaves you thinking "well, life goes on no matter what".

Of course sometimes you get no satisfaction from a movie which ending is so normal. But that's life. It's surreal and I love it.

I'm not sure whether you guys agree with me on my take of the movie but I really think you should give this movie a chance. No action though. Just a simple, laid-back story but really sweet.

TC-My Rating:

With LotSa Lurve,

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