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starring Russell Crowe and Marion Contillard

Do you love the French cultures and accent and French babes? You love love stories?? If yes then maybe this is a movie for you.

Personally, I was fooled by the stars in this movie. I mean, RUSSELL CROWE AND MARION CONTILLARD! I kinda like both of them. Russell's movies are usually very good and Marion is just one gorgeous chick that I happen to like. So a combination of them is like Sushi and wasabi, but maybe not as delicious.

Anywayzzzzzzz, I can't say I like the movie at all. It was a total drag for me. Romantic but boring in some ways and I just don't get the whole point of the movie. There is a meaningful message in the movie but I just feel that it is not accentuated enough. I was left untouched at the end of it.

I believe that the movie is trying to convey that sometimes, winning is not everything. Money is also not everything. Sometimes, love and the simplicity of life is what truly matters. Yes, I get that but the delivery is not substantial enough. I find the whole movie a soulless in some ways.

Basically the story tells of Russell Crowe who is a guy who is all about WINNING. He is good in his job and he use cunning tactics to make money. He is in the share market industry so's like he will make the prices go up by buying the shares and then suddenly sell everything. So the shares price will drop because other people will all panic and start selling all their shares at a lower rate. Then Russell will buy back the shares at a lower price. Something like what George Soros did, which caused the 1997 Economic Crisis. I'm not good at explaining how the share market works but my dad is darn good at it. So, contact him haha...

Okayz, anywayz my point is that this Russell in the movie is making big money for his company. Suddenly his uncle, who took care of him since he was young passed away. His uncle left him the vineyard and a beautiful mansion in France, in which Russell grew up in. Russell then has to fly to France to settle the legal procedures in order to officially own the house. He plans to sell the whole house and vineyard, and therefore selling away all his childhood memories he has of that place. Besides, causing his uncle's long-time and loyal worker his job at the vineyard.

The movie consists of flashbacks of his childhood with his uncle, flashbacks of some of the advices his uncle gave him. For example, Russell Crowe's character is all about winning and making money. His uncle would say, there is more to be learned when you lose than when you win. But of course, don't repeat the same lost.

I must say, I like the advice. Reminds me of my dad's principle. When we get our marks for our test, my dad doesn't look at the marks, but whether or not we've learned from the mistakes we make. He hates careless mistakes, but other justifiable mistakes, he loves. He always say, he loves the red colours on our test papers because it shows learning opportunities. That's why, everytime I get my test papers, I'm not worried about confronting the marks I get, but rather, did I make GOOD mistakes. But then again who am I lying. Of course I also want high marks. WHO DOESNT? haha

So of course as the story develops, Russell, after spending one week in the mansion finally realizes what is truly important. Plus, he met a girl he love and that's where Marion Contillard comes in, no surprises there.

I guess Russell in the end realizes that making money is not as important as having a HOT girlfriend hehehe...

Watch this movie only if you are in for some romance. Even that, I don't think you'll be head over heels over the movie. Well, just my opinion. My bro thought "A GOOD YEAR was "A GOOD" Movie...well, I always thought he was 'gay' haha...

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