Wednesday, February 18, 2009


DISASTER MOVIE starring Matt Latner and Vanessa Milano

Except the fact that Matt Latner is super duper extra bonanza galanza whatever HOTTTTTTTTT...the whole movie is RUBBISH! I repeat RUBBISH!!!!! How stupid can one movie be?? Well watch DISASTER'll know. I think the producers of the show already know it's a disaster and therefore named it DISASTER MOVIE. Thank God I was drooling over Matt Latner. It sort of helped divert my anger and frusfration and also motivated me to actually finish watching the whole movie. After watching 'DISASTEROUS' MOVIE, I became terrified of some of my most favourite characters, like Juno and the cute chipmunks...can you believe it? I dunno why but the way the movie portrayed these characters make me afraid of them. Now Alvin, Simon and Theodore are like scary chipmunks with rabbies that would bite you to death.

Juno or Juney in DISASTEROUS Movie is like Juno, but with a whole lot of crap and no sense of humor. And Juney died tragically by the way...attacked by the chipmunks. See! They ruined my favourite characters in just one scene. everytime I see Ellen Page as Juno, I just can't get that chipmunk chomping of her backbone scene....ARGH!
If you are like me, you like Juno and the prepared! The other characters like Jessica Simpsons, Hancock, Amy Winehouse are also incorporated but not aptly. Sometimes, you don't even know what sense it made to actually have them there. Well, maybe lame spoofs like this is just not my kinda movie.

TC-My Rating:

p/s: the movie is worth 1/2 a star but Matt Latner is worth 1

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