Friday, February 6, 2009


3 comedies...
1 brilliant actress...
1 extremely gorgeous actress...
1 hot guy, who’s sadly, younger than me...
and 1 new found comedian

Okay, so since I’ve been quite down these few days, I’ve been circulating myself with comedies. In this installment, it’s all about hilarious and funny movies that shall tickle your funny bones. At least I find them extremely amusing haha.

First up – “Juno”. A brilliant movie which starred a brilliant actress, Ellen Page.

Juno is such a fun movie. There are 2 things I love about this movie – the character, Juno herself, and the lines in the movie. The script is so superbly penned and the lines are funny and so clever. I heard from my cousin Doreen that it was written by a stripper, based on her friend’s characteristic. Well I think I already like her friend. Seriously, the lead in the movie, Juno, has this super cool character about her. I just love the way she does things and also how she talks. She’s so clever with words that most of the things she says might be simple, but she conveys it in a friggin’ hillarious manner.

The story of Juno is a really simple and boring one but what is so great about this movie is how it manages to turn a story that is overused and lackluster into one that is good, if not fantastic. Everyone has watch movies or TV shows about how teenage girls get pregnant with their boyfriends’ baby and have to deal with their new life – “Wonderful Life” (Korean), multiple TVB and Taiwanese dramas and some other English flicks which I can’t remember exactly. Juno has the same story but what it did with the story was make the lines more interesting.

Juno had sex with her boyfriend, due to teenage curiosity I guess and got pregnant. So she had to break the news to her parents and her boyfriend plus deal with the gossips and talks of her mates in school. She’s only fifteen, right? She still has to go to school, even with a baby in her belly. So she wanted to go for abortion at first but later felt that she couldn’t do it. It was too cruel. So she instead settled for an alternative. Give the baby up for adoption. She then found Jennifer Garner and her husband – the perfect parents for her future baby. And then we watch in the movie the development of her pregnancy as well as her love with her boyfriend and father of the baby, Paulie Bleeker.

I guess Juno, like my cousin say, makes all single mums look super cool haha. Seriously, her couldn’t-care-less-with-what-kinda-s***-happens-in-my-life-but-I’ll-go-on attitude is really cool. And I also like her dad and her step-mom. They are such great parents, especially her step-mom. (Alison Janney who played Juno's step-mom is so nice here that I didn't realize that she actually played the over-protective mum of Penny in Hairspray) They are angry with their daughter, but they still are supportive. The whole family is very positive in life and that’s what makes them so cool.
My favourite line in the movie:

Her mum, when she found out about her pregnancy said:
Somebody else is gonna find a precious blessing from Jesus in this garbage dump of a situation.”

Usually things which we don’t want might mean the world to other people.

Overall, the movie is a heart-warming one, with implicit educational and family values, that one would enjoy.

TC-My Rating:

Seriously, this is what I call a WITTY movie! Must watch~

“Get Smart” stars the gorgeous Anne Hathaway and funny man, Steve Carrell. Anne Hathaway is just stunningly pretty and she’s one of my favourite actresses. Well, I liked her from “The Princess Diaries” and have been a fan since then.

Anyway back to “Get Smart”. This movie is super hilarious. I wasn’t really keen with the story though because it is predictable. Well, there were some parts which was pretty dull for me but the funny parts really had me laughing my “ahem” off, man!

My favourite scenes: When Anne Hathaway teaches Steve Carrell how to use his belt, which contains a pill that when swallowed, will cause death within 9 seconds. The pill is meant for agents, so that they can kill themselves to escape being tortured. Then Steve Carrell made a funny statement instead by saying, “Great, so how do I get them to eat it?” I don’t know, it was extremely hillarious for me.

There was another part, a chase-and-run session between Steve Carrell and the villain in the movie. Then Steve Carrell was like crashing into everything and then his boss shouts “SWORDFISH” – because ahead of them was a shop with a swordfish head as deco. Steve Carrell crashed into it and then asked his boss, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Steve Carrell’s boss said, “I don’t know. Were you thinking, Holy S***, Holy S***, a swordfish nearly went through my head. If so, yes.” If you watch this part, then you’ll understand what I mean.

And another reason “Get Smart” is worth watching is because Masi Oka or better known for his role as Hiro Nakamura in Heroes, is in it too and as usual, he was so funny and cute haha. I love him…

TC-My Rating:

For tickling a lot of my funny bones...

Next up “Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging”. The title of this movie itself is funny and it also somehow is very creative that it manages to lure me into watching it.

Well this is a British movie so expect some really cool British accent in it. I love the accent so it is no problem for me at all. Well, let me be honest. It isn’t my choice of a good movie though.

It wasn’t brilliant, wasn’t bad. It was directed by Gurinder Chanda (I think, I’m not sure) who directed Bend It Like Beckham and Bride and Prejudice. It’s like a normal teenage flick, about how this young teenage girl faces her everyday life – with parents whom she feels doesn’t get her, with the need to compete with blondes with pretty faces and big boobs, and with the need to get a hot boyfriend.

So, the whole movie is about how she and her friends try to score boys and oh yeah, how to kiss perfectly or the term used most frequent in the movie, how to snog.

The only thing great about this movie is the HOT GUY in it. My new found love – Aaron Johnson who plays Robbie “the Sex God” in the movie is superfine! Plus, his band in the movie, The Stiff Dylans plays really good music. My favourite by the band is “Ever Fallen In Love”. Check it out. The ending of the movie is good though, very happy.

But only watch it if you can stand a lame storyline...Seriously....besides Aaron Johnson, there is nothing much worth watching. Overall, I still find it a drag even though the accent were nice.

TC-My Rating:

With Lotsa Lurve,

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