Tuesday, March 3, 2009


And the award goes to...

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Motion Picture of the Year: Slumdog Millionaire

Achievement in Directing: Slumdog Millionaire

Music written for motion pictures (Score) : Slumdog Millionaire

Music (Song): Slumdog Millionaire

Achievement in film editing: Slumdog Millionaire

Achievement in sound mixing: Slumdog Millionaire

Cinematography: Slumdog Millionaire

Writing (Adapted screenplay): Slumdog Millionaire

Great directing style, great cinematography, great editing and great writing. I agree! The music is also good because it captures the Hindi Bollywood culture and combines it with some Hollywood flavours. There were a few songs in the movie which caught my attention. They were in English but with Indian-styled melody. Cool and interesting! Haha...Overall the movie is something very new and different.

Previously, there were many British films that combines Indian or Punjabi cultures with the Western cultures such as Bend It Like Beckham, Bride and Prejudice and even the BBC comedy Kumars at No. 42. All these shows tries to depict Indians living abroad and their cultures.

Slumdog Millionaire I feel, is a movie that integrates the two cultures in a new, creative way. When you watch the movie, you see features of a Hollywood or Western movie to be exact, but also elements of an Indian movie. That means, the movie is true to its roots of the Indian culture but also includes some Western cultures in it. Contrary to the previous integration of both cultures, this movie is set in India, instead of in British or America. But then, you see how even in India, we see the Western influences. Even the program "Who Wants to be A Millionaire" itself is a product from America.

The British director, Danny Boyle is amazing because he manages to capture the essence of an Indian movie and incorporate it into one that is "Oscar worthy". I don't know the real definition of Oscar worthy but in my opinion, a movie that is accepted, recognised and admired by the Americans. I mean, the Academy Awards, is grand because of the Americans. It's like a huge thing to win an Oscar, and to even be nominated is already huge. And sometimes, your movie can be crap but if it has anything to do with the Oscars, people would perceive it as good. You may not like a movie and find it boring, but if it has win an Oscar, you'd doubt that you yourself has no taste in movies because you don't get an award winning movie.

Anywayz back to 'Slumdog Millionaire'. I think the director is really successful. I envy that a British director actually knows how to maintain the Indian feel in his movie, without even using cliche Bollywood techniques like dancing around the bushes and stuff.

The storyline is arranged in an extremely creative way. Each question from "Who Ones to Be A Millionaire" will lead to a flashback of the main actor, Jamal's life and his childhood. I love it. The technique of narration is brilliant! I'm really impressed. I mean, I really find that movie makers are trying different techniques and styles when it comes to the incorporation of flashback scenes. Some are highly confusing, while some are simple, yet very cleverly done.

Slumdog Millionaire is actually a very normal story about the struggles in a young Indian boy's life. But again, with it's editing and the way of its unique time and space arrangements make the movie a great one.

Cinematography - amazing. Beautiful colours that highlights the vibrant Indian cultures but also suitable tones were used to describe the adversities and poverty of the citizens of India. The transitions between scenes were also very nicely done and it connects it scene in a very smooth way.

The actor and actress are pretty...not necessarily superstars in Hollywood, but able to capture and deliver the script. I wouldn't say their performances are outstanding, the lead actress wasn't that impressive to be honest, but she's pretty in her own natural way. The lead actor too. I love the fact that they are just simple, normal day, average-like people.

The ending was one of the most beautiful and touching moments I've ever seen. Sometimes, a love scene or romantic scene do not require much. In fact, it doesn't need to involve steamy scenes. It just makes the movie cheap I think.

A focus on the way the actors look at each other and with the right music that creates the atmosphere, the scene would be one that melts hearts. The ending was beautiful. You feel the happiness for that couple, you feel the joy of being loved yourself. I seldom cry when the couples end up living happy ever after, but "Slumdog Millionaire" managed to make me shed a tear or two. It's the realness of the affection between the two lead characters and alleviated by the company of some really heart-felt music.

I'll end by saying this: "SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE" is a must watch!!

TC-My Rating:

Really Oscar Worthy

With LotSa Lurve,


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