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I know that this movie is AGES ago and it is one of the classics of Romantic Comedy.

Starring Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz & Rupert Everett - I'm talking about 'My Best Friend's Wedding'.

I've heard about this movie before and since it is a rom-com, I wasn't like to keen about it. Then my friend had this movie in her HD when we were exchanging movies and I thought, well, might as well just take it lar, in case I'm in one of those lovey-dovey mood =D.

Well, I've been pretty low these few days (in fact, I'm going through one of the hardest phase in life right now since so much has happened to me in the past month), I feel like I need terrible cheering up. I need a boost of morale; something that I can just enjoy.

Did I enjoy "My Best Friend's Wedding"?
Surprisingly, yes.

Oh okay...yes, another love story. I think I kinda like that the plot is kinda unpredictable. It's not one movie that you can say that the heroine ends up with the hero. It really keeps you guessing who the lead (Mike) would choose in the end.

Plus, the movie highlights what true love means I guess.
I admire Julia Robert's character.
I fell in love with Julia Robert after watching her in Erin Brockovich. She's amazing in that movie. Love her character, love how independent, confident and intelligent she is.

In this movie, I somehow like her character too. Afraid to love and afraid to express love and yet, want to be loved. Hmmm...I guess maybe in some ways, I can relate to that when it comes to relationship but that's a different story altogether.

Anyway, the story is basically about Julia Robert's character, Julianne or Jules trying to ruin her best friend, Mike's wedding with Kimmy. So she plots and does all awful things just to screw things up for them. She realizes that she actually love Mike but she just can't tell him that.

I understand the actions she does. I guess she feels so bad that she did all those awful things but sometimes, emotions and feelings make us do the craziest thing. Trust me! I know. My biggest mistake was because of that, though not in my relationship but in something else.

Of course Julianne feels s***ty because of all the things that she's done.
Somehow, I'm feeling like that because of what I'm going through. But I guess everyone makes mistake - in love or in life and she learned & I guess I've learned too.

Julianne learned that to love someone, sometimes means just to let go.
I don't know how it feels like but I guess to love someone doesn't mean that you need to have that someone. Sometimes, it just means seeing that someone in the arms of the people they love. Maybe I'll be that kinda person too - the observer...

I guess in some ways I see a bit of myself in Julianne's character. She is arrogant - she in someways doesn't want to lose. Yeah, that's the ridiculous me. But I think one thing I don't see myself doing (at least for now) is chasing that crazily over a dude. Maybe it's too early to say haha...still young, still young and not desperate yet ;P.

There are few reasons I love the movie.
First like I said, the plot is not as predictable as the normal romantic comedies. I mean, Made of Honor is somewhat similar to this one (though I can't really say because I didn't really watch the whole movie). But with Made of Honor, the reason I still haven't bother watching the whole movie is because I already know the movie without the need to even watch the ending. Trust me and I'm right.

Secondly, I love the use of great songs in the movie.

The movie starts of with a nice song. 4 girls singing...I don't know for what reason, but I like the song.

Sometimes, we just love things for no particular reasons, don't we?

Some of the best love songs are featured in the movie. My favourite? - The Way You Looked Tonight, which in the movie was Julianne & Mike's songs. I love the part where Mike sings this song to her and they danced. I don't know, but the extremely soft side of me finds that super romantic. Oh please, I do get smitten by guys with a deep voice & an accent like Mike. Plus he can sing.

That whole stretch of scene where Jules & Mike spent their time together on that boat is my favourite scene. I love the part where Mike was telling Jules about expressing love...

Mike tells Jules that it's sometimes hard to say the word 'love' but there is just one moment , that true where you feel like telling the one you love that you love her.

The boat goes under the underpass....dark....indicating that moment where Juliannes wants to express her love...that moment~

Say it...Say it.. ARGH I can't say it

The dark moments indicate that usually these are the moments we dig deep into our true feelings, our hearts - deep inside how we are feeling The calm, the quietness It's like we're somewhere else, somewhere where we are not ourselves & we just feel that that's when we can say it but in the end, we just can't

They looked at each other...and then, they came out of that 'moment'. Sun lit their faces indicating that the moment has passed.

The lost opportunity when the light hits us with reality

I guess sometimes it's just that. You feel like you want to say it, but...the words just can't come out. There are many moments like this in my life. I always wanted to tell my parents how much I love them or how I really appreciate the things they do and then, I found my tongue tied up. There's always a 'right' moment but, usually, we just let it passed. I think I speak for many ya?

For lucky ones, they might find another moment like this. But for some, the moment might not be available again or even if there's a chance, the timing is just completely wrong. I regret that I don't have a chance to say how much I love my grandfather. I lost that moment.

Another touching part for me was towards the ending of the movie, where Mike and Kimmy were off to their honeymoon, and Julianne just can't seem to reach both of them...she wanted to say Goodbye to Mike but she was blocked by a bunch of people. Then when she was about to give up and leave, someone hugged her from behind & turned her around - Mike.

You know the feeling when all you want is just to say a final Goodbye to someone? Like, you know, just to say Good bye to someone you know that after this moment, things won't be the same anymore...I know how it feels like. I've wanted to say goodbye to a friend once. I knew that things would change between us after that because we won't see each other that often anymore. We'll have our different lives and it'll be hard to see each other since ...well, we're close but not that close, that sort of thing. In fact, I don't know if she feels the same way about how I felt about our friendship. So, there was the moment I wanted to officially say a Goodbye, but the chance slipped right off...I guess she knew that I wanted to say that Goodbye too because after that, I received an SMS telling me Goodbye. I'm glad, very very glad.

There were some really hilarious moments in the movie too.
The best was when Julianne's editor, George pretends to be her fiance.
I like George's character too. If I can have a guy best friend, I think I'd also choose someone like George BUT straight so that he can be the love of my life haha.

We might not be able to express in words but there's sometimes the touch The touch of a friend or a family An embrace feels just as good as love Nice scene huh?

The ending wasn't my favourite since I'm rooting for Julianne haha. 2 reasons - one I like Julia Roberts and second, I dislike Cameron Diaz.

Which side are you on?
I'm all for the J haha

But in the end I think the ending of the movie is actually good.
Sometimes, though the ending is not the ending we had hoped for, it's still all good. We do get something out of what we might perceive as nothing I guess....Besides, Julianne finds herself a new best friend =)

I guess sometimes, you're happiest when the one you love is happy

Dermot Mulroney is really good-looking, I must add.
Sorry I can't help but compliment hot guys. Yes, sadly, maybe I am superficial in some ways haha....

Why not to be superficial?
Well as you can see, Dermot was handsome....
and then, he grew ....more mature. Haha...
People change on the outside & many times on the inside to
So love someone for who they are I guess

Julia is stunning sweet & beautiful too. With Julia Roberts, it is hard to hate someone like her. She's a true sweetheart I think. Even when she plays such assertive and opinionated woman, she can come out as someone endearing too.

Watch this one if..
1. You like Julia Roberts
2. You just want to feel romance & laugh at the same time (duh...)
3. You have plans to ruin your best friends wedding - you might get pointers on WHAT NOT TO DO

Don't watch this one if...
You are in love with your best friend who is attach - remember, your ending would be that you get a new best friend who might be gay and that they say... 'no sex' haha...

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