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Every mention of the name Penelope and our minds drift to Tom Cruise's ex - Penelope Cruz.

But this movie is nothing about a hot Latina with pouting lips.

Penelope 'Snout'

I've been meaning to write about this movie a few days back but I was so tired that I just can't afford to open my eye-lids any longer.

"PENELOPE" is a simple but beautiful movie, kinda like those movie that you watch for inspiration. Just what I needed these days, something light but great to cheer me up.

The movie is about a girl, cursed to have a pig snout as a nose. Her mum faked her death and kept her hidden in the house. So, all of Penelope life is spent in her 'castle'. It was said that the spell could be broken is when she is 'loved by one of her own'.

With this, Penelope parents, especially her mum believe that by marrying her to a rich guy (one of her own) who love her will mean that she is 'loved by one of her own'. That would be the best for her because then her spell would be broken.

The movie tells us to love ourselves for ourselves - to accept ourselves for the way we are.

Love this poster. Simplicity but capturing the essence of the movie.

I believe that we always wish that we could be someone else, don't we? I know I do. I never am happy with who I am. I mean, of course generally I feel contented with my life. I'm happy but many times I wish that I wasn't me you know. I would wish that I'm taller, slimmer, have bigger eyes, nicer many stuff that I dislike about myself physical.

Penelope hates her nose. She feels bad for herself in some ways. She feels intimidated and insecure though she seems strong. When she feels that way, she pushes everyone else away. I think it's always like that, don't you think? Because you feel that people aren't going to love you, why let them in and let them hurt you, right? Exactly! All this happens because of insecurities. I guess I know how it feels.

So since she keep scaring every suitor away, Penelope of course failed to find a husband. In fact, she purposely scare them away - like I say, she just doesn't want to let anyone in, until she meet Max Champion.

Note: Max cannot see Penelope because they are actually separated her by a special mirror. Only Penelope can see Max.
So what an unique way to date & play chess, isn't it?

Max at first was hired by a reporter to take a picture of Penelope. Max later got to know Penelope and really love her for who she is. Although at first shocked as how she looks, he really doesn't mind her looks at all. I mean, seriously, Penelope really isn't that bad looking. However, when Penelope asked Max to marry her, he refuses to. At that point, I was also confused about Max. I mean, what is going on? I was so eager to find out what is going to happen later.

Because of Max rejection, Penelope decided to run away from home and see the world.
The most beautiful feeling the movie had given me was the moment Penelope opened her house gate. The music accompanying the scene of the beautiful sky scrappers from Penelope's point of view is amazing. It aptly illustrate the feeling of awe....kinda like when I was in Liverpool, every time I see the beautiful architectures, I can hear the beautiful melody ringing in my mind.

To get a mesmerizing effect
Step 1: You open the doors/gates in slow motion

Step 2: You pan up to the most incredibly wonderful scenery

Step 3: You focus on the big eyes

Anyway Penelope had lived a few good days out in the world, independently and happily. She met some new friends - one of them, Annie (Reese Witherspoon). Nevertheless, her parents finally manage to track her down. She ran and ran and ran from her parents and finally she fainted (bear in mind, her scarf she's wearing does come in the way for breathing purposes). She woke up in the hospital and found all the reporters outside her room, eager to take her picture. She realized that nobody is actually scared of her. In fact, every one loves her.

All these years in her mind, she feels 'ugly' and 'hated'. Her mum indirectly causes this for constantly telling her how weird or bad she looks when in fact, Penelope, besides the nose, actually looks fine. In fact, she later discovers that she is not 'hated' like she has been programmed to believe. Penelope, after that incident in the hospital became the local celebrity and Max of course was happy for her. He, who once gave up his passion for music due to his gambling has decided to turn a new leaf, inspired by Penelope.

Penelope was then arranged to be married to a rich 'jerk', who once had turned her down. But Penelope realized then realized that the 'jerk' doesn't love her, and it is pointless forcing others to love her since she loves the way she is. That is when her spell broke and she got her nose back. Her mother, for a few minutes learned her lesson - that she should have loved her daughter the way she is, before going back to her own ways, complaining about how her daughter's new nose could have looked better if it were a bit sharper. Then, we found out apparently the driver of the family is actually the witch who placed the curse on the family. This time, the witch cursed the mother, 'silencing' her, to everyone else's delight =).

Towards the end of the movie, I also found out why Max rejected the marriage. He knows that he won't be able to break the curse, since he is 'not one of their own'; he is not 'rich'. He loves Penelope so much that he wishes that she be with someone who can break the spell. Of course in the end Penelope realized the truth and both of them ends up together.

The romantic ending scene that every love story needs

Happy ending to a wonderful fairy tale story.
I think everyone would enjoy Penelope - children, teens, adults or even older adults. This is a movie that a whole family can enjoy. It contains a fairytale, spell and magical elements that a child would enjoy, good moral values for everyone and romance & comedic elements for the teens and adults alike. A great watch!

I must add, if James McAvoy come across as a weird, almost paedophiliac dude in Narnia 1 as Tumnus, he sure is a sweetheart in Penelope. I actually like him a lot here as compared to in Narnia and Atonement (which bore me to death by the way; thank God the ending made up for the whole movie). What movie an actor/actress choose to appear in does affect how the fans perceive them. That's for sure. James McAvoy redeemed himself here really. Absolutely love him!

If McAvoy sounds familiar...I think it's a kinda like a potato chip brand in UK. Right?
Anyway, this McAvoy is as delicious as McAvoys potato chips =D

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