Friday, October 2, 2009


Cars is a country movie.
I know I know. It's a 2006 movie and I actually watch it 3 years later.
Well, I've never really found the time to so...

So last Sunday, when I was feeling so bored and moody (I don't know why I keep feeling like this these few weeks) I decided to cheer myself up with a nice simple movie. I'm glad I made "Cars" my choice because it is really good!

You know sometimes simple movies like this are the best. "Cars" is not lame at all though the storyline might have been used before. I mean, how can it be boring since all the characters are cars. Using cars as main character is in itself creative. I love the idea of using cars to present the story really, because the cars look so adorable. It is really interesting to see how human characters are translated through cars, don't you think?

Why is it a country movie?
Well for one thing the setting itself is I believe in the country side. A small town.
Then there is the accompaniment of country music throughout the movie. Yes, all are country music. So expect the sounds of Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley and also Sheryl Crow in the movie. Some of these songs I've heard before and I was so surprised that the songs are actually from the movie.

Overall, the story is about finding yourself in the most unexpected places and it's about friendship. Have you ever feel like you discover a whole new you in a different place? I've felt that before. Despite the fact that I talk a lot at home and look super happy all the time, I have really low self-esteem beck then in high school. But I guess my college friends really helped me and they also helped me understand myself more. They helped me feel good about myself when I'm down. And when I'm in college, I also discover more friends and I was very happy, just like the lead character Lightning McQueen when he found his friends. Well, unlike McQueen though, I do have really close high school friends. But I guess college really opened my eyes to the importance of friends because I've never felt that kind of happiness before. Just like McQueen, I found a place where I belong. But then I also enjoy my family's company. It's just that my college friends provided me a different kind of fun.

McQueen also found happiness although at first he despite being in Radiator Spring since he would miss his race and he had to build the roads. For me, I've encountered situations like this where I found something good and special during times of adversities. I always believe that God is nice to me because everytime something bad happens, God has provided me the 'silver lining'. I mean of course there are times when I get so pissed and angry but sometimes I'm so glad that I've gone through the things I went through. It is a blessing.

The simple themes are delivered in a simple storyline yet entertaining. My favourite character? - Mater. I find him so so so adorable and I think he is the kinda friend that everyone would enjoy having. Of course the other characters are so so cute as well.

My top 3 characters:

MATER The friend who is always there and the friend who sees something special in you even though you are an a** sometimes

LIGHTNING MCQUEEN For just being fun and cute

DOC HUDSON The wise and intelligent one also has their own flaws and problem


SALLY The heroine The typical tough girl who falls in love with the lead

FLO The sassy girl

RAMONE Flo's husband

LUIGI The Italian






and not forgetting

Who can change tyres at the speed of the lightning

Fun and entertaining
A must watch!

TC-My Ratings:

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