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I really have mix feelings about "Bruno".

I mean it really is HILARIOUS but contains really saucy and disturbing footage of human privates.

It is a creative movie and one would call it, mockumentary. It tries to show the realness of human beings.

"Bruno" is Sacha Baron Cohen in disguise and during production, he tricked many people into believing that he is actually Bruno. No one knows that he is actually Sacha Baron Cohen and so their emotions and reactions towards the whole 'made-up' sensitive incidents are real and genuine.

I think what "Bruno" is trying to do is to bring out 'reality' and real emotions.


First is on how people perceive homosexuality.

I wonder, if God really hate gays or fags as they call them, Why did God create them in the first place right? I thought you guys were the one who say God created us. Oh so now you are criticizing the 'malfunctioning' products? What happened to accepting each other for who they are?

Second is how people voice out their dissatisfaction and anger towards things that annoys them. He even got Paula Abdul fooled!

First, he got Paula to sit on human beings when talking about humanitarian cause, you know, the importance of helping people...

Then he hopes Paula could savour food placed on top of a naked dude Way to go Bruno!

"Bruno" himself is a gay dude. So, whatever he does in a certain way commands attention. The walk he walks, the way he talks and the way he carry himself and does attract eyes. I mean, people can't help rolling their eyes or stare at weirdos, right? Personally, I admit that I'm guilty of that too. So, I guess the aim of the show is to capture these expressions.

The story is about Bruno's journey of making it big in Hollywood, after screwing up his career in Austria. Loyal to him is his assistant, Lutz, who has loved him. So basically, Bruno is always figuring out ways to get himself famous. He tries various gimmicks and tried to produce different programs to score. Unfortunately, his gimmicks and programs ALL HAS TO DO WITH DIRTY 'DICKY' images. It's really that bad and torturing. I really had to close my eyes at certain parts to protect my 'innocent' eyes from the vulgarity hehe...

The last part on the ring, where Bruno and his assistant, Lutz kissed and 'rubbed' each other was really one hell of a scene. Imagine if you were there, expecting a real manly wrestling show, but then end up watching two 'freaks' make out. Those were real people who are really anti-gays. There was one part where the guys really threw a chair on the two of them. That is how bad they see homosexuality. They somehow despise gay people.

I mean, I always joke I'm anti gay because there are already not enough guys in the world for women alone, and now we, women still have to compete with guys? LOL...I encourage lesbianism because it will reduce the competition. But seriously, I guess we can't really choose our sexuality sometimes. It is not fair to judge a person because they have a different sexual orientation. That I truly mean it. I think I have nothing against gays or lesbians but what I don't like is when they get all weird...I have lesbian friends who are great people. I have worked with gay people (make-up artistes during productions) and they are really nice people (though a bit flirtatious with the guys hehe) so I have nothing against them. But some transsexuals or drag queen are annoying because they just like to disgust you by doing weird repulsive antics.

But if you think that 'ring' scene is disgusting, the front scene on his attempt to impress the producers with his new 'celebrity gossip' program is even WORST! I mean, I thought that Adam Sandler's comedies are distasteful but Bruno IS DISTASTEFUL! But I mean, like I say, it is still very funny though. So I guess the repulsive and offensive jokes can be pardoned. I'm also impressed that he can actually include so many 'private' footage in, it is UNBELIEVABLE. Well, if you are watching the edited version, then maybe you won't have the 'privilege' to feast your eyes on that though.

Anyway another scene in "Bruno" critics those celebrities who adopts children from other countries, sometimes just for the publicity. Sorry Angelina Jolie fans, but personally, again, I still think she is always publicizing her charity work and her children are also part of her publicity stunt. I know many regard her as a heroine for her kindness and all but seriously, WHY ARE ALL HER CHARITY WORKS ABOUT HER & NOT THE CHARITY? You see, when a celebrity does charity work, I seldom see any focus on the celebrity...basically it's mostly about the cause itself but whenever Jolie does a charity, I always see THE HUGE Angelina Jolie face. Sorry, I can't help but think she loves the attention. But anyway where am I going with this right? Okay, so Bruno indirectly slaps those who adopts kids for the sake of publicity on the face. In the movie, Bruno supposedly adopted this African American baby, just so he can be famous like well, I guess Angelina Jolie. And then he went on this talk show program and showed the audiences some pics of him and his baby. Of course, the pictures weren't appropriate pictures and thus, we see that the audience were all really really pissed of at Bruno. You can really see their anger at what Bruno is doing to the child. I'm not sure if those are acting but personally, I don't think so.

Bruno and his adopted son - Gayby I actually love the name hehe

A woman expressing her anger towards Bruno's exploitation of the baby

I guess there are many issues highlighted in the movie. I think as always, there is always a certain amount of good in bad. "Bruno" exemplifies a movie that can be deemed trashy in a certain way for some people who can't these kind of nonsense show, but indirectly contain subtle lessons and values in it. As always, Sacha Baron Cohen is an intelligent dude who knows how to manipulate situations...put people in awkward situations. The questions he ask and the way he respond is always freakin' hilarious - even when he was Ali G. But I have yet get the humour of Borat, maybe because I haven't really watch the whole movie yet.

I think some of the most hilarious parts is when he tries to be straight. The effort he went through - like Boot Camp, went to see a gay converter, Karate master and the real manly country's SO HILARIOUS how he put these real people in awkward situations. SO DARN FUNNY! Can't help it...the Karate session was the one that I can't stop laughing at...REALLY REALLY REALLY HILARIOUS!

A Boot Camp with Bruno means Bruno Camp

Bruno tries hunting and later that night, stripped naked to scare those men

My favourite - Karate or martial arts lesson..whatever that is haha


I do, cherish you

Maybe also remember that THE ONLY WAY TO BE FAMOUS, THE BRUNO WAY IS:
- make a sex tape & MAKE SURE IT IS DISTRIBUTED! (and not easily downloaded on the Net lar)
- be straight!
- punk Paula Abdul
- adopt a baby from Africa and make sure you ship the baby in a box to enhance the excitement and attention ;P

But I guess in the end Bruno is saying, BE YOURSELF. See, he got famous after the kissing incident on the wrestling ring with Lutz. So, just by being himself, and that is, being gay and admitting to being gay, he became famous. Sometimes, what you want can be attained by the simplest ways but we just don't see it. We go through various means just to get something that can be that simple. Perhaps, that's part of life...We never truly know that the mountain we're climbing could be just a heap of sand.

This is Sacha.

This is Bruno at first

This is the FINAL Bruno

The Pros of being yourself?
Well you get a HOT SIZZLING wife

Sometimes, I wonder what kinda dad will Sacha be?
No offense though...not generalizing.

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ps: Some people think that Torres (yes, Fernando Torres from Liverpool football club) looks like Bruno...hmmm....

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