Thursday, October 29, 2009


This movie worked for me.

Now I really believe that it's better to have NO EXPECTATIONS when watching a movie.
You know, I find that I really enjoy a movie more when I have no expectations that the movie would be good. ;P

Directed by Ben Affleck, this movie stars Ben's brother Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan and one of my favourite actors, Morgan Freedom.

Well, my friend watched this movie in the cinemas and told me that, well, it wasn't really that good. Although I was dying to watch this one back then, my expectations for the movie has dropped tremendously.

At first, it was all about 2 detectives trying to solve a kidnap case of a little girl, Amanda McCready.

But as the movie proceeds, we realized that the kidnap wasn't as simple as it appears to be. Of course, Casey Affleck's character, Patrick, did some further investigation and came out with an absolutely unpredictable truth about the whole kidnap incident.

Well, it's good that the plot develops into an unconventional twist.
I like the twist in the movie.

The movie questions a decision that seems right on the surface, but yet is so wrong.

I'm not sure about you, but for me, Patrick's decision to send Amanda back to the arms of her mother is a mistake. I mean, the little girl can have a future with Morgan Freeman's character, Doyle - she is happy. But Patrick feels that 'righteousness' is when a child is with the mother.

Well, if the mother happens to be a drug addict and one who doesn't care about her daughter, I don't think anyone is likely to hand back such a sweet child to such a broken home.

I guess everyone makes mistakes in life and Patrick did a mistake that basically caused him not only I think regret, but he also loses his girlfriend Angie in the end.  I understand Partick's point of view about the child belongs to the mother and that Doyle's act of stealing the child (despite the fact that the girl has a future there) is downright wrong. But somehow, I just disagree with that because I believe that sometimes, the right thing to do really depends on the situation.

I pity Amanda really. Thanks to Patrick, she has to go back to her mum's den. I mean, if only children have the right to choose where they want to belong huh.

I guess Gone Baby Gone is not exactly a bad movie.
There were moments where it dragged itself....very slow but generally, it was bearable.

 I understand why Patrick stands alone in this picture
He lost everyone & I believe even faith in himself after handling Amanda back to her (excuse my language) 'good-for-nothing' mother

Some mistakes might are not rectifiable

I think he can still make up for his mistakes, but, that might lead us to part 2 of the movie hehe

I think 'Gone Baby Gone' isn't like a fantastic movie but it wasn't a piece of crap that you just shove off.

TC-My Rating:

Kudos to Ed Harris & Morgan Freedom

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