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It's been quite some time since I update this movie blog of mine huh..
Well, been really busy with Uni assignments and well, now that I'm back in Malaysia, I'll have more time for movies before I start work.

That night, after the graduation ball, me and my bunch of friends happened to pass by Odeon cinema in Liverpool city centre. My best friend YY had been telling me how badly she wanted to watch 'Final Destination 4'. Even though I wasn't keen about 'Final Destination' at all, I did ask my friend whether or not she want to watch it then since we won't have any chance of watching any movies again in Liverpool. I planned to watch something else but sadly, there wasn't much choice at that time. So, I was destined to watch 'Final Destination 4' and it was my last movie in Liverpool, on the 1st of September 2009 to be exact.

What I think about the movie?
Well, 'Final Destination' movies are all predictable. It all adheres to a same storyline...nothing special there really. The lead actor/actress gets a premonition, save a bunch of people from an accident and then the people he/she save die tragically, under the weirdest circumstances one by one, according to the sequence of their 'supposed' death in the initial accident that they had been rescued from.

'Final Destination 4' is no different from the first 3 installments. The only thing different is that this movie is in 3D format. This is my first 3D movie and so part of me was really excited. Sadly, the movie was just too fake for my liking. Although the 3D effects were cool, the gory scenes were quite forgettable. I am not sure if I'm immune to violence or what, but then I just feel that these gory scenes just come and goes. There were parts in which I squinted, and almost swear, but I guess after that, it was completely forgotten. It doesn't stick in my mind or have any impact what-so-ever.

I think with Final Destination, the interesting part is really the way these people dies. There always seem to be a series of events leading to the death itself and it is sometimes hard to predict how they actually die. It keep you speculating the way in which these victims will die and usually, they die in the most unexpected way. I remember this victim the most because I find the way she dies most memorable I guess.

First, the mother goes to a saloon to do her hair. The director cleverly featured a few things together. The director draws our attention first to the malfunctioning saloon chair, and then to the barber's scissors - close to the victim's eyes (making us speculate that something will happen to the chair and the scissors will pierce through her eyes any moment), then the director also draws our attention to the ceiling fan, going to fall any moment...basically to different things that would make you think that the lady is going to die under any of these circumstances. Everything then turned out right but as she opened the saloon door after paying, a stone flung towards her eyes and she died on the spot. Freaky that she escaped all the other catastrophes but dies in the simplest ways. Clever the way the director plays with our minds, using editing techniques to create that fear in us.

It seems like there is a scientific explanation to these strange ways that these people dies in. Like, in some ways, it is very mystical and mysterious, but then again there is always scientific explanations for the different ways of dying. Personally, I don't think that all of those methods of dying make sense. I mean, if really things blow off so easily, or heat could have so many effects on things causing explosions and death, then I believe many would have died freaky like that.

Overall, in terms of storyline, I don't think I even need to grade it. It's too predictable and boring. In terms of creativity of death, I think it wasn't really as great as the 3rd one. I can't compare it to the first 2 Final Destination as I didn't watch them, but I do think that the 3rd one is better if compared to the 4th one. Also, the actors and actresses in the 3rd movie are better in terms of acting. I find the actors & actresses in the 4th installment very fake and had failed to deliver the necessary expressions. They are just pretty people delivering lines.

However, after this movie I find myself joking a lot about how we might die abruptly. For example, one of my friend was wearing sneakers and I told her that "do you know that wearing sneakers could get you killed?" (there was a part where the actress nearly got killed because of her shoelace, which I think was stupid); then we were crossing the road and I reminded my friends to be careful not to drop any coins into the drains because that little coin could indirectly cause a person's death...See how nutty I am right? That is the after-effects of 'Final Destination 4'.

I would say then that 'Final Destination' is not worth my 7.50 pounds. I think if you just want to go for a 3D experience (love the 3D glasses by the way, though I recycled instead of kept them), then you might want to watch this one. But then you can always opt for 'G-Force', with little hamsters instead of this movie. really isn't that great. Or if you had been a 'Final Destination' fan all this while, it could be compulsory for you to follow this one too right? If not, you can't be deem a Final Destination fan. If you want something exciting or gory, FORGET THIS MOVIE. If it doesn't even work on me, I doubt it will work on those of you who love gore and excitement.

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