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"Sometimes smart people have the most to learn"
This tagline attracted me really.

My brother pestered me into watching this movie.

Do I love it? - Nah, not really.

How was it then?
Seriously, it was normal.

I mean, I don't exactly LOVE IT. I won't say I like it either. It is just another movie.
But I guess the message of this movie is good though.

The selling point of this movie is no doubt Ellen Page (at least for me it is). Now if you DON'T know who Ellen Page is, well, I'll first knock your head 10 times and then tell you that she is only one of the best actress around. Her most memorable character? - JUNO! How can one not know Juno right? Well, if again, you don't know Juno...I'm sorry but you are really missing out on one of the best movies ever. I did a review on it previously...erm...if you are interested, you know...CLICK HERE

Well some of you might like Sarah Jessica Parker, and yes, she is in the movie. I'm never really a SJP fan so...not that into her character here either. I still don't get what's the hype about her but well, let's not get there.

I think when watching this movie, you have to study the characters. The characters are the main story I guess, since IT IS about smart people. Basically, it is about an intelligent lecturer (played by Dennis Quaid) who is trying to get his life back together after his wife's death. So, he is the kinda guy who doesn't really care about getting to know people...basically just living his normal days as someone who doesn't really care about anything, except being smart.

Ellen Page plays his daughter, and basically, all she cares about is also 'being smart'. Her dad is her role model.

Now there is seriously nothing wrong with being smart or clever and all but then when some people get too smart, they become pompous and indirectly obnoxious. I mean, I'm sure most of us hates the 'know-it-all's right? The one who tend to KNOW EVERYTHING AND THEN INTIMIDATE you for your 'lack of knowledge'. Fortunately, I've never really had a friend who is like that, but I'm guessing we all know how it feels to be intimidated by someone - makes you feel stupid.

Ellen Page's character is the 'know-it-all' and the thing is, she doesn't know why people don't like her. She knows that a lot of people doesn't like her and even though she acts and talks as if she doesn't care, but we shall see that she in fact cares a lot about the fact that she is hated. She likes her uncle, who seems to like her and so she had indirectly sort of 'fell' in love with her uncle - maybe because that's like the only guy whom she actually feel like her. You know that feeling? Like if all your life you have not experience anyone who have 'love' you before, you might have the tendency to misunderstood the care of a person and then falls in love with that person. Well, I just find it disgusting that Ellen Page fell for his 40-something uncle...but that's not the point.

Ellen Page and the love of her life?
Kidding me!

Anyway, so Ellen Page's character is one that I feel so sorry for actually. Her dad underappreciates her; I mean seriously, she's beyond clever and she does all the housework and all, but her dad just doesn't give her enough credit and fact, it is her "scum" uncle who cares for her, and pointed out to her father her worth. She is scared that no one loves her, but she hides that fear. She asked her uncle "Do you hate me?" at the end of the movie. I guess that shows her insecurity. She is sad that she doesn't click with the other people, because she is 'SMARTER', MORE INTELLIGENT... And because other people doesn't like her, her defense mechanism is to hate others back, making her a 'hater'. Of course in the end, her dad talked to her and I believe she changed?

Dennis Quaid's character is plain stupid, though he is supposed to be smart. But I feel that SJP's character is even WORST and I'm assuming that she is supposed to be smart also since she's a doctor in the movie.

I mean seriously, I don't understand what is wrong with Dennis Quiad's. character I think his character is not well-developed. I mean, first of all, he is supposed to love his wife so so much, right? And all of a sudden, like out of no where, he's in love with SJP? Just after one date or 2? Then him and his book...what is that all about? I guess what the writer wants to show is how he had changed from someone who cares so much about his dignity and people respecting his knowledge and about BEING RIGHT all the time, to someone who takes it easier in life - like one who would let people criticize and laugh about his book. If his 'love' story is poorly written, I think the part about his family relationship is even worst. I mean, at the end, I was hoping for a touching, inspirational ending between him and his son and daughter (whom he doesn't really get along with) but all they show were just pictures of him and his 2 new twins. I guess it showed a happy family, but then ...that's just it? No beautiful words exchanged?

"I guess I'm not that SMART after all"
The Quaid??

SJP is like worst. She's like the woman with all the mood-swings and personally, I don't know if that is how most women are, but certainly, the 'women' that I hang out with aren't really like that. Her character, besides being the one who had 'changed' Dennis, is pointless in the whole movie I think. There were moments in the film where I completely fail to understand what she's thinking, what she's doing and why she's doing it. If anyone can personally enlighten me on her character, feel free to share because honestly, with that kind of attitude, I really don't know how Dennis Quaid is able to fall so DEEPLY in love just after 2 dates. Okay, if I were to give ANY JUSTICE at all to SJP's character, I'd say that the writer wants to highlight the fact that smart doctors like SJP in the film also has flaws, HENCE ---> the mood swings and being ridiculously temperamental.

Of so many female actresses who can play the lead, SJP? Why???

Words can't express how odd I feel about this pairing

Even though I love Dennis Quaid in "The Parent Trap" (which is BRILLIANT by the way), I think the point of this movie is Ellen Page. Without HER playing the character Vanessa, seriously, this movie will be beyond repair.

Without you, I'd kill my bro for making me watch this movie.
Thanks for saving the movie (and my bro's life), Vanessa.

I think overall, one may say that the main message being conveyed through this 90-minute worth of film is that brains is really NOT EVERYTHING. In fact, if you are not brainy but you have good people skills, you can survive anywhere. Being intelligent alone in fact don' t get one anywhere. Plus, if we notice, the movie in fact shows us how a 'scum' (Dennis Quaid's brother a.k.a. Ellen Page's uncle) actually managed to inspire and change the so-called 'smart people'. So really, what exactly does 'smart' means ya. I guess you can also be street-smart.

Personally, I always believe that success is not just the string of As, but also the communication and interpersonal skills and character. I think my dad and mum taught me well, I really do. My parents are great parents, with the right attitude to success. Though I might not always agree with what they say, and is reluctant to do what they tell me to, I believe that somehow, there are a lot of truth in their words. I'm really not there yet, but I believe that my parents had so far led me well. I mean, at least I'm here and not doing drugs or anything bad, well, except maybe tell a few lies ;P.

Well, anyway, that's just me relating myself to the movie "Smart People". Am I smart? Nah...seriously no. I mean, I am a good student because I used to be a nerd who MEMORIZE WELL, that's all. I hate to admit it due to my inflated ego, but really, I consider myself pretty dumb and stupid. Not exactly BOOK SMART but definitely NOT STREET SMART. But then again, we all are 'smart' to a certain extent. Different people are smart in different ways. Sometimes, we get inspired and taught lessons by those everyone refers to as 'dumb'. Seriously, think about it...

Less than inspiring though the intention is there

TC-My Ratings:

ps: one star is dedicated to Ellen Page - I'm biased I know ;P

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