Monday, September 7, 2009


That night, while I was on my flight back to Malaysia, missing Liverpool, I had a chance to browse through the array of movies available on Etihad Airways. It is so cool that we can now watch movies on aeroplanes, right?

Anyway, since I always have problems sleeping at night (but no problem feeling sleepy throughout the afternoons though), I had to watch something or do something in order to get over my missing Liverpool. So, "Night at the Museum 2" is PERFECT!

I love "Night at the Museum 1" and I wanted to watch "Night at the Museum 2" once I heard about its release. Nonetheless, I never got a chance since I was busy with my trip to Liverpool and the 15 assessments that the University had put me through. Thank God that finally, I have got the privilege to enjoy this movie, even though it is on a plane.

Was I disappointed?
NO, NOT AT ALL! It is a great movie!
Although there were parts which doesn't make any sense logically, I still love the movie.

I mean, I love the fact that "Night at the Museum 2" is set in a bigger museum, with more characters. I love how the director include so many different elements into it - the space section, the little Einsteins, the Egyptian history...and still maintain some of the old casts. Basically, I'd say it's a great combination. And also, not forgetting, the 3 little cupids played by The Jonas Brothers.

The storyline is not exceptionally brilliant. It is really like those normal adventure comedy storyline but fantastic, I think, is how the different characters are brought in together. Music is also brilliant - thanks to The Cupids (I never like The Jonas Brothers but I love them in this movie). I like Amy Adams as well in this movie. She's a confident woman who is not afraid to express her love - something we can all admire; Ben Stiller is not as useless as he was in the first movie; Owen Wilson is still hilarious in some ways...

Overall, I love the way the director maintain certain essence from the first movie and introduces something new to this second movie. He kept some of the hilarious scenes (for eg: the little tiny Roman guy, Octavius, shouting very loudly, declaring his fighting spirit, and the background music heightens the 'war' atmosphere then the director cuts to the real atmosphere - quiet and sound, then the director cuts back to the screaming and then back to the quiet to indicate that the tiny guy's scream has no impact what-so-ever in the real world even though in his tiny world he had screamed his lungs out) - I don't know, I just thought the irony is hilarious, that's all ;P

"Night at the Museum 2" is not a disappointment. Maybe some might say it is not as fantastic as the first, well, I mean, it's always hard to live up to the first one, but then it is still not that bad at all. The first movie always has the advantage of being 'fresh' and 'unexpected', but this second one is in some ways also very creative, while adhering to the movie's original concept while bringing in new fun characters.

I'd say watch it for normal relaxing purposes.

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