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O.U.R BALLS - S.H.E. Balls!

S.H.E. BALLS! - Our baby - our final project...

First of all, I wanna kudos to JT for his fab reviews on all our works. I think JT could be one of the best movie reviewers in future haha.

(Read it to understand where I’m coming from)

Every review is a statement of personal opinion, and even JT himself agrees to that and has made it SO CLEAR in his blog.

So, I guess I am also entitled to counter-comment his comments right? Prepare for a long post here. ;P

First, I'd like to point out that JT had used the wrong poster in his post. He had posted the yellow one and our new one is red. Besides, the old one had some grammatical errors on it and we just had to alter it. The yellow poster didn't fit our image for the movie and therefore, we got someone to design a new one, so remember to update ya JT.

*TA DA* the final poster!

Back to JT’s comments. JT is always short and precise = good. No wonder our lecturer, Ms. Ras also like his answers.

I appreciate his comments on S.H.E. Balls…I truly do because they are honest.

" The opening sequence is well-done. Editor deserved the credit. The technique they used is good,and they fully utilized their limited and normal footage. I admit I never learned to edit video in that kind of style before. But, the same editing technique continued to be used in the entire movie." - JT

I agree with JT on the editing. Maybe we didn’t realize it but yeah, we did repeat the editing techniques multiple times.

The beautification scene (in which KF was turned into a horrific version of Rainie Yang) and the volleyball training scenes were supposed to be montages. It was basically my fault for wanting so many montages. But the reasoning behind it is that, for a 20 to 30 minutes short drama, we have too many things to convey – so we packed it into a montage. Besides, that’s how teen flicks usually do scenes like this.

KF after 'beautification'

Example of a montage we use

But then again…like JT say, I think the editing team is fantastic because they managed to come out with a product like that, seeing that we really have very limited shots.


I think people are right if they say that we are greedy. I totally AGREE! Haha…We are a bit too ambitious in the sense that we wanna do everything.

I guess, in some ways it’s a good thing because we really got to try various stuff, which was indeed an experience for us – for example, Bollywood style, love & romance, comedy and though we failed, we did try to do sports oriented film.

There's Bollywood flavour....





I think we failed because we should know that we can't include so many different elements in such a short film. The theme should be simpler and more focused. I've learnt that a good movie may just need one or two themes, which should developed in thoroughly and comprehensively to make the themes more memorable.

And usually meaningful movies do not need fancy fancy editing to compliment the storyline, because it stands alone. That I know because I love movies with simple but inspirational and momentous storyline – such as Kite Runner, Music & Lyrics etc.

I think the movie is nice in the beginning, boring in the middle part.
But the twist ending really rescue the movie!!!
I didnt expect thiskind of ending....
(round of applause) - JT

I’m really glad that you like the twisted ending because Mr. Jerry didn’t. We all wanted an unexpected ending because we know S.H.E. Balls! is predictable all the way. Mr. Jerry wanted the lead actor & actress to end up together, (according to YY since I wasn’t there for the evaluation) which in my opinion, would make S.H.E. Balls REALLY PREDICTABLE ALL THE WAY & IN OTHER WORDS BORING! If I was there during the evaluation, I’d make that super clear to Mr. Jerry.

The 'twisted' end

“You laugh because you are entertained by their make up and acting, in fact, there is nothing to laugh with.”

I actually want to seek some explanation from the person who made this comment. I don't really understand what you meant by, "...there's nothing to laugh with."

If just understanding the front part of the comment, I don't understand why we can't be entertained by the make up and acting. I think when watching a comedy, you’ll be entertained by either one or all of these - the lines, the acting or the make-up. So, we’ve fulfiled 2 out of 3 criteria, right?

Well, a comedy aims to make people laugh, regardless the means, if it makes you laugh, it’s a comedy, right?

Ya, we look funny, but we just wanna play ball!

For example, during my internship, I was working on the set of “Duhai Si Pari-Pari” (Hello, Dear Fairy). In the movie, the fairy’s father appeared every time in ridiculous outfits. Like once, he wore an alfro hairdo, once he was Elvis, once he was a cowboy…etc.

I thought it was lame. Wat’s so funny about that? Then, I saw passersby laughing. It could be because of the bounciness of the alfro hairdo. Maybe for me, I was immune because I saw that shot like multiple times that day, but I realized that comedy can be as simple as that. It made people laughed, it could have made somebody’s day better.

It can be an extremely stupid method, but I really don’t see any problem with making people laugh using make-up and acting. In fact, I thought if the acting makes you laugh, it means the comedy had worked.

I admit though that the lines weren’t exactly witty, but I can say we tried our best with it. ;P Maybe there’s nothing to laugh with (actually not sure what that means…sorry I’m so shallow), but there is, hopefully, something to laugh at. Haha…


I’m really sorry but I really dislike the fact that everyone keep saying that S.H.E. Balls! is funny only because they know the cast members. I don't think it's true at all.

We’ve run tests around with our other friends and family, who has no relationship what-so-ever with the casts and they actually laughed too. I just want to make that clear. Most of them liked a few parts – YY’s fan scene, Bollywood scene, KF vomit scene.

YY's fan scene, where she tries to seduce someone...

The Bollywood dancing scene...

KF's vomit 'cuz he's pregnant scene....

If you ask me, it would be much more accurate to say that only Malaysian audiences will laugh at the show because I can assure you the ‘kwai-loes’ (foreigners) won’t understand the comics in the show, because of culture differences.

We laugh at different things. I’ve experienced these a couple of times. I realize that Malaysians are sometimes more lame and goofy in their presentation of comedy. Some American and British comedies are wittier, but for those that are not, they are even lamer and stupid.

But no matter how lame, if the comedy makes people laugh and had entertained a few good people, I think it’s good enough. Like “Don’t Mess With the Zohan” is one of the most repulsive, lame comedy I’ve watched this year, but many liked it. I like Zohan because of its meaning, but some like it because they were humoured. The conclusion – different people, different opinions.


I agree with JT, and I believe that the whole group agrees that the volleyball match part was too long and draggy. Personally, I know that it is the truth, but I really credit KF and Eugene because I know that doing that part is not easy at all. It might look easy but that part was the most screw up part because we really have very very limited shots. And with what we have, KF managed to arrange all the shots to make the whole match come together. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m impressed because if you ask me, I wouldn’t have the patience to do that. The match scene itself took almost 3½ days…

Though it turned out to be one of the worst parts in the movie, I still credit KF and Eugene for making the best out of what we have. Everyone can criticize that part, but since I know how hard they worked to make that part work, I think for me, their efforts had made that part great in its own way.

We had taken some time to re-edit some parts of SHE Balls during the beginning of the semester, and mainly what we did was try to cut short the match scene and do some minor lighting adjustments.


Lighting is something that I don’t like at all. I don’t like studying it, and I don’t like applying it in theory.

For extremely good lighting – you need good lighting equipments. For us, it’s difficult because we don’t have that. The production crew I worked with has an entire truck packed for all lighting equipments, and all we have was…well 2 small 800 W lights.

Then again, lighting is again something so subjective. An extremely bright scene can be criticized for its bad lighting, but also can be credited for its ability to create certain moods in a particular scene. There’s nothing perfect about lighting, just how you see it and of course, who is directing it haha. If Steven Spielberg includes a blindingly white scene in his movie, viewers will perceive it as good, brilliant technique used to enhance the scene etc etc. It’s usually like this, when a person of authority/credentials says or does something, usually people will highly credit it.

So, for me, I again credit the team for doing our best we can with the lighting. However, I know we still have loads to learn in future...which is good :P!


In the industry, producers usually make a movie for commercial reasons and that is to make $$ (My company’s producer always wants that).

Personally, from a producer’s point of view (I dunno about my other groupmates), my aim with S.H.E. BALLS! is first to challenge myself. Secondly, I want to do something different from the artistic movies that our seniors presented to the lecturers each year.

Plus, I know that with the group members we have, an artistic movie is not a good choice because we are not good at Cinematography and other related aspects. For example, you can’t expect Steven Spielberg to direct an artistic movie too right? They can try and therefore we also can try that some other time. Since it was our only final project, we wanna do something we’re more confident and comfortable with. And I think our group is more suited with the comedy genre.

Thirdly, I just feel that I’d want to produce something that can make people laugh because I always believe that laughter is the best medicine. No matter how sad you are, a good comedy can wash away all of your troubles. For me, when I’m sad, I just go to the comedians in my class haha.

Also, with S.H.E. Balls! (even though it’s a comic all the way) I hope that people would see the implicit meaning in it. Believe it or not, I tend to less stereotype transvestites after the production of S.H.E. Balls! Really!

I somehow understand how it feels to be stared at and discriminated because I have somehow hung out with a few (Sexy, Easy and Honey) of them myself. And even when we were shooting S.H.E. Balls!, you see the public’s reaction towards them. That’s why we usually let them hold the camera, so that people know that they are acting. It’s so sad because Malaysians still finds it hard to accept this group of people. I hope that S.H.E. Balls! does help change our perception on Transvestites, even though it’s like we’re making fun of them also in the movie, but we really mean no harm.


The idea and script I suggested to my group was for something meaningful - A love, friendship story which touched on various social issues, because like I said, that’s the kinda movie I’d love to someday make.

Mr Jerry (our lecturer) banned it because the scope is too wide. We won’t be able to compact everything in 30 minutes. Again we were too greedy.

So we discussed again the idea and Eugene was joking about this ‘ah-kuah’ (transvestites) and volleyball idea. The girls finalized and realized it! We wrote the script and handed in to Mr. Jerry. Lol…and the guys…well, as you can see in the short film, they are stuck in ‘chick-suits’ for a month hehe. They hated it, but no time to write a new script…sad but good~

Introducing the 'GIRLS'

My advice to guys out there:
Never suggest stupid and lame ideas just for fun, because the girls might like the idea and then finalize it

Never mess with the girls, because when we say we’ll do it, it means we’ll do it. Dressing up you guys in chicken outfits is not easy, but we can still manage hehe

S.H.E. Balls! was definitely a risk. And to be honest, wouldn’t be able to succeed if not for the bunch of people in the group. I can honestly tell you that I am not a person who can come up with comics like that.

Like I said, if I ever become director or a producer, I don’t intend to invest my time on artistic movies, unless they are easy to understand and inspiring. If the whole project were solely mine, it would have been on social issues…because as much as I like comedies, I know I can never pull out a funny movie. Only my friends, with their talents, can.

I would also wanna take this opportunity to give credits to my lovely cousin, Doreen Chew, who is a professional graphic designer-artist-illustrator and I’ll just call her a pure creative-genius. She did the S.H.E. Balls! poster in just a few hours, last minute, due to my desperate pleads and the results were already good. If she had more time, I can assure you that you’ll see a definition of beauty.

Her website link, if you wanna see how cool some of her other works is:

With LotSa Lurve,

P/S: I wish I could share the final product with you guys. It's on YouTube, but due to some Copyright problems, you guys won't be able to enjoy the audio. But if you are interested, you can email me.

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