Monday, December 8, 2008


Yesterday midnight, I went with my cousins to re-watch 'Twilight' in the cinemas. Yes - Call me crazy but I also have a bunch of crazy cuzzies - we are all watching the movie for the 2nd time except my bro.

Is "Twilight" that good that it deserves a second watch?

Well, it is good. But when you watch it the second time, I must admit that the first 40 minutes will be kinda draggy. I just don't get the silent eye contact between the two lead characters, especially Edward (the lead guy). I saw a guy, sleeping in the cinema behind me, even though his girlfriend was so into the movie. I guess he doesn't get the eye contact either. Haha...

Edward is like so weird; not because he's a vampire, but because he is temperamental. One minute he wanna be close to the girl and another he acts cool and tells the girl to stay away from him, when in fact he was the one who is always going to the girl. But you really have to bear the first 40 minutes in order to understand the movie. The movie starts to get interesting when they start dating.

To tell the truth, I'm more in love with Edward's father, Carlisle and his brother, Emmett. They are sizzling HOT!! My two cousin sisters on the other hand was crazy over Edward, especially my cousin Shanice. You hear her gasping every time Edward comes out. OMG, it's embarrassing when she does that in the cinema lol.

But when Carlisle came out, you hear the whole cinema shocked by his good looks...yes, i'm not kidding! I also contributed ...haha.

Carlisle Cullen - Awed by his looks!~

Emmett Cullen - Smashing HOT!~

Okay, this might sound lame. The thing I love most about Edward and Bella's love relationship is that they can just sit together and talk to each other all day. They can look at each other with that deep affection, that great depth of love. That's so romantic!

When love is all about looking at each other passionately & just being there

And imagine having a boyfriend who can take you flying up the highest tree, and showing you a magnificent view of the mountain tops...*eyes closed*. Okay, I'm getting too imaginative here. But can you blame a girl for dreaming?

Flying without Wings

But then my other cousin Doreen, who, well is not the conventional romantic lovey-dovey kinda girl, had me listened to her harsh criticism of the movie “Twilight” the other day, even though she hasn’t watch it. LOL…Well her criticism were quite entertaining though, I must say. She calls "Twilight" - Highschool Musical with Fangs. Well...okay. She’s very artistic, so maybe that’s why she has essentric tastes, which is good (sometimes lol).

To wrap it up, 'Twilight' is a movie that most girls (especially those romantic ones) will love and Alpha males won't get. However, it is such a hit in the box-office that one has got to watch it to understand what the hype is all about. It's like, if you don't, you are missing out on something big. Even if you don't like it, it is like a must-watch, just so you can say that you've watched it.

Guys, it might help bring out your softer, more romantic side. Just don't sleep like 'that' guy in the cinema.

Highschool Musical With Fangs??

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