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2 days ago, I went to watch "Body of Lies", starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Russell Crowe. I must now say tat Leo Dicaprio is officially my favourite actor, judging solely based on acting.

I mean, of course I still like Jensen Ackles, James Marsden, but Leo Dicaprio is different. Jensen and James, I'm half biased because I am too focused on their good looks to really pay attention to their acting, even though there is no doubt they can act.

But Leo Dicaprio is not just an actor, he is a STAR! I find myself drawn to his expressions, his movements and acting, instead of drooling over his hotness. Leo often acted in movies that required him to speak in various accents. For example: African accent in "Blood Diamond" and in "Body of Lies", he carries a Middle East accent. And I can tell you, he did it perfectly. He's darn good!

"Body of Lies" is about terrorism, about tracking down a Jihad group. It's also about manipulating people in order to achieve your goal. The lesson you learn from the movie is, sometimes, friends also use friends.

The movie is so surreal, thanks to Leo Dicaprio's fantastic portrayal of the torture scene at the end.
I wonder why he hasn't won any Oscar for any of his acting yet...He so deserves it!

This is also one movie that doesn't have those lovey-dovey kissing scene. Due to Titanic, many see Leo as a 'salty wet' (translation - a pervert) guy, but in this movie, Leo is just sweet.

I surrender! I'll admit that I'm the best actor!

In "Body of Lies", Leo's love interest is a sweet Muslim girl and they can't even hold hands. Haha...pathetic? Tell me about it. But what to do? One has to conform to culture. There's one scene where they so wanna hug each other, but both has to hold it. It's so sad. Even a friendly embrace is forbidden.

We can still have dinner you know (even though no dessert...)

Overall, I think it is a brilliant movie, especially if you are those who love more serious and analytical, political movie. Just make sure you bring a clear mind because to understand movies like these, you have to concentrate. It's not Madagascar 3, you know...haha.

But the fun part of this movie is that you can see Russell Crowe as a fatty. He is really FAT in the movie. I have nothing against ahem…larger size people ('cuz I’m one myself)…but still, it’s just interesting to watch a man who has a body to star in “Gladiator” and “Cinderellaman” wear an extra extra extra extra extra few pounds.

The 'Extra' Crowe

My conclusion however is...."Body of Lies" - thumbs up!

TC-My Rating:

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