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Recently, to reward myself for the endless hours of burying my face in laptop in order to complete my assignments, I watched 3 movies: - “The Midnight Meat Train”, “Wild Child” and few hours ago, “The Number 23”.

My favourite among the three? - “Wild Child”.

Okay I’ll admit that “
Wild Child” is another teen flick, with the same standard storyline that you’d basically predict in most teen flick.

THEMES: - Love, School, Hot boys, Friends, Rebels…Beyotch, Beyotch and yeah, more Beyotch… that’s about it. But if you don’t like teen flicks, well, just watch to check out how hot Emma Roberts is.

I don’t think that I need to tell you in detail the storyline. Basically, it’s about a rebellious American girl who was sent to boarding school in England by her dad. As usual, she hated the school at first…bla bla…then met some friends and then…impressed the hottest guy in school…and finally realized how much she actually liked the school. Needless to say, it’s very predictable. But then again, who says PREDICTABLE cannot be equivalent to NICE right?

OH MY GOD! Another teen flick? Whatever~

So overall, I like that it’s simple and in some ways very inspirational, especially the last part, when you see how proud her father was with her. I personally was holding back tears when watching that part. Overall, I’d definitely recommend this movie to you, especially when you’ve had a rough day and you just want to watch something not too heavy. Plus, the lead guy, Freddie, is so sweet. He's not like the super handsome kinda guy, but he certainly has a certain charm that makes girls adore him.

Fun, entertaining, and decently hilarious...

TC-My Rating:

My next pick would be “
The Number 23”. Yes, I am aware that many reviews have only bad things to say about this Jim Carrey thriller/mystery movie. I mean, Jim Carrey in a non-comedy? To me, it’s definitely gonna be weird.

Well, I love movies with twist, and this one has got one. It is somewhat similar to “Secret Window” actually. It’s just that it sort of links everything with the number 23. In the movie, the number 23 is like a curse. So if your life is in any way connected to this number, you’re cursed.

Actually, I think it’s all in your mind. In the movie, Jim Carrey is too obsessed with the number and therefore, he just keeps linking stuff to number 23. But if there is a number that is linked/related to my life, it has to be number 11. I was born on the 11th, and my house number is 272 = 2+7+2=11, and in every way, I just love the number eleven. But 11 to me is more a lucky number than a curse.

The problem with "The Number 23", for me, is that it’s too draggy. There were a lot of elongated sex scenes in the movie that are unimportant. I mean, I understand that in some ways, sex (or violence) sell and usually both comes together. However, when you inject too many of these elements into the movie that doesn’t contribute to the storyline, the movie automatically become seen as trash.

Where is your Number 23 jersey? Used to be Beckham's right?

One thing effective about this movie is definitely, I think, the sound effects. Many times I was shocked by the sudden thuds and crashes. Either it’s because I have a weak heart, or because the effects were really good.

The good thing about this movie is that it has a good ending. At least, to me, it is good. But, overall watch it when you really have extra time to waste.

TC-My Rating:

Lastly, “Midnight Meat Train”. For me, I would advice you to watch this movie only when you are DESPERATELY BORED and THERE IS REALLY NOTHING LEFT IN THIS WHOLE WIDE WORLD THAT YOU CAN INVEST YOUR TIME ON.

Is it that bad? Well…sadly, in my point of view, yes!

It is a psychoanalytic film that fails in terms of a worthwhile storyline. Psychoanalytic movies are all about extreme violence and sex. I could be immune, but I think that the violence in the movie just doesn’t work for me. I mean, yeah, some parts are definitely gory and blood and not to mention, revolting. But for me, I don’t really get satisfaction watching scenes like these. They say psychoanalytic movies fulfill your pleasures because when you watch those actions, it somehow releases your inner desires to commit such acts in this world but can’t due to the moral institutions set by a realistically driven world.

I have no date and so I kill for fun

I would say I’m biased because this is not exactly the kinda movie genre I like, but, I’ve watched psychoanalytic movies that at least have better meaning than this one. I mean, the ending of “Midnight Meat Train” seems so… forced. It’s like, something that is suddenly created just so the movie has an explanation for the ending. Nothing at the beginning of the movie provides indications that lead to the ending. It’s like, anything can be the ending. I don’t know but I just don’t enjoy that the mystery behind the killings is such a lame and uncreative.

But then again, I guess psychoanalytic movies all have simple storyline and meaning because the main point is to excite viewers, not inspire or awe. But truth be told, if you just want to watch this movie based on how exciting and brutal this movie is, I can tell you that you can find many more violent and insane movies out there – eg:
The Dentist, Silence of the Lambs. You won’t need this one to excite you at all.

I don't like this movie, no! But you might have a different opinion.

TC-My Rating:

With LotSa Lurve,

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