Sunday, November 9, 2008


MOVIES - another one of my passion in life besides music.

I went to the movies yesterday with YY, YY's other half -Eugene and Lydia. I chose to watch "Tropic Thunder" over "Highschool Musical 3: Senior Year" for 2 reasons.

One - to give YY & Eugene some alone time (I'm very considerate, see); Two - because I think that "Tropic Thunder" is more worth the money's star-studded!

Any regrets watching "Tropic Thunder" - No!
Would I watch it again? Yes!
Would I encourage you to watch it in the cinemas? - NO, why?

My advice is just get the DVD. (I'm not mentioning whether it should be pirated, downloaded or original, you figure out yourself). The DVD is good enough. It's not one of those action or horror movies that you need to spend money on in the cinemas for the sound effects etc. But overall, it is an entertaining watch. It's hilarious, but kinda lame hilarious. The jokes & humor are not distasteful, though, which I like.

Plus, it starred Ben Stiller & Jack Black - 2 of my favourite comedians, besides Adam Sandler. They were saying that the movie has some subtle meaning or lessons in it. I, however, have yet to understand the hidden meaning in it.

If you ask me, what I understand is that one should not try to hard to be someone they are not. Be happy with who you are. Maybe a second watch shall enlighten me more. One of the most memorable scene was the ending where Tom Cruise dances haha!

Overall, I think the most entertaining character is Ben Stiller's. Jack Black used too many fart jokes - not so funny anymore. The ending is unpredictable, which is a plus. I like movies with twists. A good movie if you want a good laugh.

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