Monday, October 6, 2008


I've just finish watching "Schindler's List", also directed by Steven Spielberg. in 1993.

It is another very touching movie, about the holocaust and Nazis. I love to watch movies or documentaries and read books on Nazis and the Holocaust. I just find them really interesting. NO! I don't find the horror interesting. The cruelty of Adolf Hitler is beyond human. I just like to know about the holocaust and the cruelty of those times because I feel those terror gives us something to reflect on, and a lesson to learn.

I think that movies like this are the most inspiring and they give us something to ponder on. We should sometimes look back in the tragic historical events and only then will we feel the gratitude of being here today.

After watching this movie, I think that this man - Oskar Schindler is a true hero, not only to the Jews, but I guess to many as well. The sacrifices and the things he had done to save the lives of the Jews at that time, there is no bigger word to describe the kindness of his soul. So, let's take some time to pay tribute to this man, who has rescued 1,100 Jews. Because of him, there are now actually more than 6000 of Schindler Jews.

Oskar Schindler - the man!

"Schindler's List" is
a black and white movie and I must admit that it is so difficult to decipher the dialogues because of the German accent. Plus, I watched it on Youtube and the quality of the movie is terrible. But I appreciate the one who posted it though. It would also be helpful if u actually go to Wikipedia and search for the brief synopsis first, if you don't mind it spoiling the suspense.

If you plan to watch the movie, you might be interested to know this. Poldek Pfefferberg is the name of the man who brought up Oskar Schindler to Thomas Kenealley, who wrote the book "Schindler's Ark" and also persistently persuaded Steven Spielberg to make the film. He was also the adviser for the movie. And i love Pfefferberg's quote:

"Schindler gave me my life, and i tried to give him immortality"

Pfefferberg has definitely done so. Like how Steven Spielberg put it in his Oscar acceptance speech - he owes Pfefferberg such a debt because Pfefferberg has carried the story of Schindler to all of us....very very true indeed....

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