Sunday, October 5, 2008


After Zohan, I then went on to Youtube and watched a few other movies. One was “Addicted to Love”, starring Meg Ryan, Matthew Boderick and Kelly Preston.

This is quite an old romantic comedy but still very nice. Well, it’s the kinda mellow, relaxing movie you watch when you just want to have a good time without having to think about anything.

“Addicted to love” is about how Sam (Matthew Boderick), whose girlfriend (Kelly Preston) left their small town to go to New York to be a teacher. Soon, she fell in love with another guy in NY and breaks up with Sam. Sam then went off to NY in hopes of winning her back. He then resides in a wrecked storeroom-like room below his girlfriend and her new boyfriend's apartment.

One day, out of a sudden, a very feisty woman (Meg Ryan) who rides a cool motorbike just invades his so-called new house. He soon found out that she was his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend…very confusing? Read again to get the picture.

So, Meg Ryan convinces Sam to work with her in her plan to break up the couple. Though reluctant at first, Sam finally agrees in order to win Kelly Preston back, whereas Meg Ryan continues to seek revenge on her ex. She was angry that her ex, a French man, had used her to get a Visa to reside in the States.

To cut a long story short, I’m sure you’d have guessed that Sam and Meg Ryan end up falling for one another. This is a must-have plot in every romantic comedy. It’s a nice movie though. Not one that your boyfriends would enjoy watching if you ask me haha, unless your boyfriend is really sweet and has a softer side. But if you are having a girlie night…you can consider watching this one.

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