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“Serendipity” is another nice romantic comedy.

The word itself is so meaningful.

“Serendipity” = a fortunate accident or a pleasant discovery by chance.
I guess this word is linked to the word “fate” as well. When I watched this movie, the question that comes to my mind is….do u believe in fate?
If u ask me, YES! Without a doubt but, I’m not those person who will just leave everything to fate.

Kate Beckinsale put it very nicely in the movie: "Fate are signs…we have to read the signs, which will determine what happen." I totally support that.

I always believe that things happen when you least expect it. Sometimes I keep wishing for something to happen, and when I just let it go, it happens. I guess when people are meant to be together, be it in relationship or just friendship, sometimes you really have to leave it to fate.

Like me and my friend Huey Ning. She’s this really hot chick I met during my National Service camp, whom I was intimidated to talk to. And little that I know, she would become one of my closest buddy ever, even til now. Music just suddenly connects the both of us.

Yuin Yue, my college close buddy – I feel tat we have a lot in common when the first time I saw her in class. Well for one thing, we ahem…both are short and have almost the same hairstyle. So from far, we kinda look like twins. But I didn’t really talk to her until 1 or 2 years later and now we’re really close friends. I have a strange chemistry that I felt with both of them.

I don’t know, but I really believe is that if things are meant to be, it’ll be in place sooner or later. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to work for it.

Back to “Serendipity” though, it’s a movie in which Kate Beckinsale who plays Sara leaves her love to fate. She doesn’t give Jonathan (John Cusack) her number after their first encounter (in which they had a great time together) because she thinks that if they are destined together, they will meet again one day. She asked Jonathan to write his number on a one dollar note and she then use the note. She told him that if that bill returns back to her hand again, she’ll call him. She also wrote her number on an old book, in which she would sell to a bookstore the next day and if the book lands in the hands of Jonathan, then he could contact her.

Years past and both of them were supposed to get married to someone else….and suddenly they thought of one another and plan to search for each other again. Of course the girl would have to search for the note and the guy for the book. In the end, after some ups and downs finally they found each other.

So, I guess fate brought them together? But they still have to work for it. She has to travel from England to NY in search for Jonathan while Jonathan has to find that book, in whichever bookstore in NY.

To wrap things up, “Serendipity” is also a kinda nice, relaxing romantic movie. My favourite character though is Jonathan’s best friend a.k.a sidekick in the movie – Dean. He’s freaking hillarious. Some of his lines were the best!

Many people on Facebook picked this movie as one of their favourites. I guess if you are one of those who are really into a mushy love story, this one is really not bad. Not as good as my favourite "Music and Lyrics", but it is really worth a watch.

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