Monday, November 17, 2008


When you hear this:
My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
You'll think of Forrest Gump...

“Forrest Gump” opens with its signture score, so beautiful and lovely to the ears.

I find myself constantly repeating the opening of the movie – not to see the feather fly but rather, to hear the music. Anyway, yes, it’s the end of 2008 and only now did I watch this infamous movie.

Well, sorry all “Forrest Gump” fans, but, I didn't like really LOVE it. I mean it's good, but not exceptional. Haha... I guess I expected too much from it and so, after watching it, I wouldn’t say it is as brilliant as it was known to be.

Maybe in terms of cinematography, it’s brilliant. But the story is just, hmmm….simple but I guess inspiring to those who feel different, like Forrest. Besides, the theme of LOVE and FAITH is also very touching. The ending, which highlights Forrest and his son, is really beautiful.

I must also give credit to certain scenes though. The sceneries in the movie are breathtaking. The most memorable one would be the beautifully captured reflections of the mountains in the lake while Forrest was running. Also, the techniques used to combine the current Tom Hanks with those former US Presidents and John Lennon were really interesting.

Lennon & Gump...Unbelievable

So, now I know that one should watch a movie with no expectations. When you have no expectations, you will tend to enjoy it more haha. Whatever it is, I have no regrets watching "Forrest Gump".

My favourite part & quote in the movie is:
Forrest Gump to Lieutenant Dan: "Lieutenant Dan. Ice-cream."

I can't wait to watch "Mamma Mia". I love musicals and this is one I know I have to watch. Thanks so much Lydia for lending me her DVD...

Til next time ya...

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With LotSa Lurve,

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