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I’ve watched like a few movies these few days but so little time to write about them.

Don’t ask me about the progress of my thesis because it is not in progress, that’s why I have time for movies still. Sigh. I know…I’m sorry for being lazy but i still can’t do anything about it.

But this is important. The most recent one that I love most is “Kite Runner”.

“Kite Runner” is a movie set in Kabul, Afghanistan and parts of it, in America. So, the film is in 2 languages.

The movie opens in San Fransisco, California, with kites in the skies. Then, we see our lead, Amir, who finds a box in front of his apartment. Inside the box is his masterpiece – his stories, his book. Amir then receives a phone call from Rahim Khan.

The film suddenly enters a flashback…with kites again in the sky. We see a few kids playing with the kites. The flashbacks were Amir as a young boy, with his best friend Hassan. Hassan was Amir’s family servant’s son, and also his best friend. However, they have different status.

Nevertheless, Amir’s father loves Hassan and Hassan’s father, Ali, a lot. In fact, even more than Amir because he felt that Amir was too timid. However, Amir is more educated and loves to write stories, which to his father, is a total waste of time. The only one who enjoys his story and supports him was his father’s best friend, Rahim Khan. (The caller at the beginning of the film)

Amir always reads his stories to Hassan. That’s what they both enjoy doing together.

Hassan & Amir reading together

This is one film in which you really dislike the lead actor. Amir is really a character that I dislike, for his cowardice. Hassan, on the other hand, is what I call a man’s man. Hassan stood up for Amir every single time and he would do whatever for Amir. Amir, however, is always too afraid to stand up for anything, or anyone. He usually just runs away when he face trouble.

So, apparently kite competitions were very popular in Afghanistan. They have this competition in which you fly your kites in the sky and you cut down as many kites as you can with your kite's string. If you are the last kite standing, you win. Hassan was the best kite runner and together, he helped Amir won the competition. After you cut the last kite in the sky, the kite runner would run and catch the falling kite and then pass it to the kite 'flyer' as souvenir, I guess.

Hassan, after getting the kite, was blocked by the village big bully and the bully ordered Hassan to give him the kite. Hassan was beaten up and also sodomised for not handing over the kite to them. Amir, who saw everything just stood there and watch. And said nothing! His friend was attacked and he just watched there….and even ran away. I mean, at least go get some help!

Hassan had always stood up for Amir when the bully tried to hurt Amir but this Amir did not do the same for his friend. After that incident, Amir didn’t mention anything to his father, and neither did Hassan. Hassan just became quieter and though Amir knew the reason and truth, Amir told no one about it. In fact, he wanted to get rid of Hassan. He tried many ways to kicked Hassan out of his house. He accused Hassan of stealing his watch. And because Hassan knew that Amir wanted him out, he admitted. Though Amir’s father forgave Hassan and asked them to stay, Hassan’s father, Ali said they are embarrassed to stay. From that day on, Amir never saw his friend again.

Then, suddenly Afghanistan was at war and Amir’s father, together with Amir fled to America. 20 years passed, and we see a grown-up Amir. He got married and his dad passed away. The story then continues from where the flashback began – when Amir was on the phone with Rahim Khan.

Rahim Khan told Amir about the death of Hassan and his wife. They had refuse to listen to the militant’s order. Hassan had a son, who is now in Kabul, Afghanistan. Rahim also told Amir a secret about Hassan. Let’s keep the secret a secret. Maybe you should watch the movie to find out.

Amir was at first, AGAIN, afraid to go to Afghanistan because of the Talibans. But after he read a touching letter written by Hassan to him (Hassan had learnt how to write for him)…he changed his mind. And for the first time, you see a little courage from this Amir. At least he went all out for his best friend’s boy this time.

In the end he managed to bring the boy to America, and give him a good life.

The most touching part in the movie? When Hassan told Amir, “Do you want me to run the kite for you? For you, a thousand times over…”

and, what's beautiful is, at the end of the movie, which once again tear me up….

When Amir repeated it to Hassan’s son…”Do you want me to run the kite for you? For you, a thousand times over…”


Hassan - If you ask me, the “Kite Runner” isn’t about Amir, it’s about Hassan. It’s about a friend who stood up for another friend. It’s about bravery and integrity. Hassan is the character that carries the movie forward. His character develops Amir’s character and inspires us. I might be critical of Amir, but I mean, maybe I’m as timid as Amir, who knows? When face with war and inhuman militants, how many of us would actually dare to stand in front of a gun just to stand up for righteousness? I think most of us would prefer to save our butts haha. But whatever it is, I know one thing, if my best friend were beaten up or bullied, I won’t just sit there and watch okay. Even if I can’t fight the bullies myself, I’ll get help.

Muslim culture - The film also gives us an insight of the Muslim culture in Afghanistan and the Taliban laws, which can be ridiculous.

Anyway, “Kite Runner” is of course based on a very popular novel, of the same title. I’ve heard of the book before and I know it is a great book. Then I found out about the movie and I know it’s a must watch.

I haven’t managed to get hold of the book but Thank God my friend Szetoo has the film. It’s a fantastic, beyond brilliant movie. One I shall never forget. Now, I’ll try to find the book in the library. I’m sure it’s gonna be even better.

TC-My Rating:

(Wished there were more STARS)

P/S: Since I’m talking about my favourite things this week…haha…I actually wrote a list of my favourite things:

(In no particular order)
1. My Bed & my home
2. My Music
3. My movies
4. My Bolster
5. My laptop
6. My Friends
7. My Family
8. KL View
9. The Beach
10. The Stars
11. The Television

Anywayz til next time ya.

With LotSa Lurve,

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