Sunday, November 9, 2008


Over the weekend, I also had a chance to watch "Premonition" on Astro.

"Premonition" stars Sandra Bullock & Julian McMahon. I actually like that movie a lot, and I was shocked to read all the negative comments on the movie. It was rated very low on RottenTomatoes, and Rebecca Murray wrote about it negatively in her movie review in It really wasn't tat bad. I mean, ya, it's not like fantastically written or has brilliant cinematography but it has quite a nice twist. I like TWISTS, remember?

The thing is, people think that it was a time-wasting movie. The movie is about Sandra Bullock having a premonition about her husband's death. The movie is interestingly arranged in a very confusing time-line.

The movie starts with Wednesday.
Sandra found out about her husband's death. She went to bed that night and when she woke up the next day, she finds her husband alive. It's Monday.

Sandra goes on with her day...then she sleeps...she wakes up...she found that it's Thursday. Her husband is dead. Her mum was there to console her.

Thursday: She sleeps and woke up again it's Monday. Monday night, she sleeps, and when she wakes up, comes Friday.

Friday: Her husband's funeral. She sleeps and then wakes up again and it was Saturday.

Saturday: She was sent to the asylum because her mum feels that she is insane due to the stress of her husband's death.

Basically the whole story happens in a stretch of one week...Sunday to Saturday. Sandra Bullock has no idea of what she is going through until Saturday, after being sedated in the asylum.

She then wakes up & found out that it's Tuesday.

Tuesday: She get organized & arranged all the events that happened according to the days. Soon, she realized that Wednesday is the day her husband died. She can stop it. But because she found out about her husband's affair, she was in a dilemma of whether or not to save her husband.

Sunday came along and she tried to make amends with her husband & their relationship which was falling apart.

Sunday night, she sleeps & wakes up to the real Wednesday. She decided to save her husband. She calls her husband while her husband was traveling on the road he was supposed to die. Whether or not he survived, you might have to watch.

But from the reviews, maybe you have an idea already. In the end, most people find it time wasting. I find it quite interesting because the arrangement of the time & space is quite different from other movies. You really have to be attentive to understand the story.

However, most people feel that the movie failed to bring out enough anxiety to the mystery elements of the story. I have no idea why because I was basically jumping off my chair in the last scene - over-excited on whether or not her husband will make it in the end. Maybe it's just me haha.

TC-My Rating:

P/S: I managed to secure a few movies from my friend, Szetoo. I can't wait to lay my eyes on them. Next time, I shall talk about "The Shawshank Redemption" - a fantastic movie. Thanks to J.T. Til next time ya.

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