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MOVIES!! MOVIES!! Time for a dose of MOVIES!!
I know I know...I probably haven't written much these days. Oh well, I kinda am preparing for a big life adventure (starting a new job only actually) and so I haven't been watching much movies. Plus, I have to readjust my life cycle lol. You know the sleep late lifestyle has to now be replaced with a whole new more normal life ;P.

So what I mean is, I have not much time to watch movies lar. Lol. Erm, I should be crying so *sob* sob* Anywayz....before I drift on again...

Now this is probably the most thrilling thriller movie I've ever watched and I watched this one weeks ago but kinda forgot to write about it. So now that I'm outta materials, I'm refreshing my memory and trying to write about a rather outdated movie. But trust me, this movie is full of flavour!!

One of my friend had told me the story before I watch the movie but due to my forgetfulness (bless me), I sorta forgot the important details of the resolution. Oh well, it was a blessing in disguise because my ignorance to the ending kept me gripping chairs and my baby bolster throughout the movie. Even my sister sitting next to me (who is supposed to be doing her assignments) had had her eyes glued to my laptop screen rather than her own's when the movie was on. 

"The Orphan" looks like one of those ghost movies that would scare the crap out of me but it is actually just a thriller with some gory scenes but not too scary. It's more a graphically disturbing for some though violence and gory scenes now don't have much effects on me :P (I'm not sure if it's a good thing). 

The movie is about how a mum, Kate, who lost her 3rd baby girl. After going through a stage of depression, which involves a lot of alcohol, she, together with her husband decides to adopt another child so that they can give the love they have for the baby to another child. They went to an orphanage and there, a 10-year-old child named Esther caught their attention with her artistic talents and her elegance. She also somehow always seemed sweet and nice and she knows all the right things to say. Plus, Esther got along very well with their 2nd daughter, Max, who is hearing-impaired. (NOTE: The little girl who played Max, Aryana Engineer is super beautiful, like SUPER SUPER BEAUTIFUL and adorable too. I can't stop looking at her and she is really deaf in real life.)

I'm in love...with a cute lil' girl
Don't worry...I'm still straight and definitely no paedophile...

But soon, things start to get weird. Kate feels that there is something wrong with Esther's behaviour and attitude. Whenever Esther is around, there seemed to be trouble - deaths, accidents etc. There are also many ambiguities when it comes to Esther's background like there were no records of her orphanage in Russia and any of her background documents were very dubious. 

Later, Kate felt that Esther has been threatening her children and she would do whatever to protect her two kids. Max and her brother, Daniel, had to lie to protect the dirty things Esther because they were threatened. Kate had pointed out to her husband, who couldn't believe her because of her history with depression. He felt that Kate is not being a good mother to Esther, and he fell for Esther's brilliant acting. Soon, Kate realized that she has to fight this fight alone in order to protect her children. I'll leave the ending a mystery, so that you don't know how it ends.

There is a brilliant twist to this story. SPOILER ALERT:

Esther is actually not a 10-year-old. She is a 33-year-old Russian woman named Leena with serious mental illness and a disorder that prevents her from growing physically. (Touchwood but I might be suffering from the same thing...what the hell! If not, how can one explain my current 145cm height).

Anyway, Esther therefore uses her stunted stature to pass off as a kid to seduce the fathers of the family who adopted her. When she fails to seduce the father, she would then kill the whole family and then she will be sent to another orphanage, waiting for the next victim. 

The Orphan is seriously a great movie because it has all the right elements - terror, action, twists, great plot and great acting. It really keeps one guessing what will happen next and you are practically glued to your seats because it is just so gripping. And the twist in the story is one unexpected one if watched from a fresh point of view. For me, I already know earlier so not so syok already lar. I'd have to give extra credit to Aryana Engineer because I think the little girl is a natural. If you watch it, you'll know what I mean. Esther is portrayed by Isabelle Fuhrman, whom I think even though great in the movie, is not as brilliant as Jodelle Ferland in Case 39. However, Case 39's plot and story is not even close to The Orphan. 

Aryana Engineer is exceptional as little Max in the movie. She's really a natural. I really hope to see more of her acting even though she might be slightly disadvantaged.

Not my favourite character but Isabelle Fuhrman did quite well in her role-play as the eccentric but apparently crazy 33-year-old, Esther

If you love adrenaline rushes and thrilling movies that gets you biting all 5 fingers (or fingernails), this is one movie you should opt for. It is seriously good if not great. The plot development is also good and so, you won't end up feeling duped, like how you sometimes feel after watching some crappy ghost movies. Overall, 2 thumbs up for this movie.

TC-My Rating:

Hope I can get me friends to hang out this Saturday for a dose of Shutter Island. I read the synopsis and it seems fab. Plus, it has Leo DiCaprio in it man!! ARGH!! 

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