Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Real Steel is the Real Deal!

It's been way too long since I blogged. My last movie blog post was in February...OMG!
That just come to show how long it was since I last watch a good movie and had time to blog about a lousy one!

Must really get into the practice of movie blog writing more often. :)

Last month, October, introduced me to what I would term as 2011's best movie! 
Seriously unexpected, and totally enjoyed it! 

So, let me show you some 'Real Steel'!

Got a call from a friend and asked if I'd like a free movie.
Knowing me, I can never reject a FREE MOVIE! 
So off I went without any idea what I've signed up for but was a happy girl when I walked out of the cinema.

So many lessons and themes define "Real Steel" - that is why it is awesome for me.
Credits to the writer and producers for being able to incorporate fun, excitement and emotions into a 2-hour movie, while still being able to present all key messages effectively.

Entering the first 20 minutes of the movie, we were awed by the exciting Robot and Bull fight scene! I kinda felt that it was very violent but it was AWESOME on the huge screen!

As the film rolled, I got a better idea of what the story is about - but not in a way that is too predictable, and that is why I love it. I hate watching for the sake of proving my predictions are wrong. I am glad that with Real Steel, I do not feel the need to guess because I was busy enjoying every bit of it!

From the little boy's funny antics to the awesome Robo-fights, to every beat of the soundtrack, I feel myself laughing, cheering and dancing to almost every minute of the movie ; and that's what  I like - a connection with the movie.

Well let's discuss the important themes and messages in the movie shall we?

Atom vs Zeus

Atom represents something small...perhaps, not really powerful in fact if it stands alone.
Zeus on the other hand represents MIGHT and POWER. 

To be honest, to put something small against something that mighty is really a tad ridiculous. As cliche it may be, the movie highlights that size does not matter. And your chances of winning does not depend on size.

More importantly, no one stays in power for so long - no one can rest on their laurels, not even Zeus.

Know your strengths, overcome your weakness

The Kid started off testing the waters during his first fight; taking hits but at the same time observing the opponent's tactics and weaknesses and later, strategically planned his strengths to win over the other robot.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and I guess it is how we position our strength and weakness that makes us unique. Not easy to do in real life, but of course, good to have a reminder every other time in the form of a movie.

Atom's weakness is that he is small. 
But our little hero trained him to be a boxer, a fighter...and thus, different and unique! 
And Atom's biggest strength is also that he is made of steel and he can take hits!
Which lead me to the next message...

Take the hits!

I think in life, I always want to win and I always think that we need to stand up and fight for what I believe is right.
I guess, sometimes, we also need learn to take b***crap...., the hits.
Those are what make us stronger, and one of the key lessons learned from Atom. 

To be honest, I doubt if I can take that plenty hits but let me remind myself that I need to. I'm a LEO for God's sake - almost like a 'Zeus' in the world of starsign....sigh hahaha. 

Power and Unfairness

The World Robot Boxing League (WRB) is 'owned' by the rich Farra Lemcova because she has money (and I believe, Power too!) .

When Lemcova tries to buy over Atom, it indicated that she is not a fair player, she threatens her opponents, using money and power because she is afraid of losing. And perhaps the reason she always win is because she has the power and money to buy other's integrity or uses her power and money to influence the results of the competition. 

We can say that the ring is monopolized by the rich because she has the money and she sponsors Zeus - the best robot in the league. Naturally, WRB needs to protect their big sponsor. Zeus's victory, in my opinion at the end is a symbol of how those big boys ALWAYS win because they have the power and the money, and the small boys, well, just can't offend them although the honest fact is that we might have won.

There is no justice or fairness in the world because sadly, our world is 'owned' by those with power and by those who have the moos. That's the fact...

Which again lead me to the next message in the movie:

It is NOT ABOUT WINNING, but just making a statement!

We can't win, but we can always make a statement , which could lead to a difference.
It's like our Bersih rally: many say that us parading around town for a fair election will not help us get what we want. However, if nobody stands up for it, to make a statement, it will not change anything.

Yes, we might not win - the election will still be dominating by crappy idiots up there, but at least, the Rakyat (the people) made a statement and who knows, a difference had been made. 

Just like Atom - he did not win WRB, but he was crowned "The People's Champion" because even if he loses in terms of Judges points, he won in the hearts of many. 
Perhaps that's more important - to be able to make a difference and not just winning per se. Besides, there is so many ways of defining the term 'win'.

To me, Atom was the winner that night because he managed to make his statement - fair competition for all! :)

Lastly, lesson learned : DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD DRINK TOO MUCH SODA hahaha...they'll outwit you!  oh well, another way of putting it is to LISTEN and NEVER UNDERESTIMATE those younger than you! 

Dakota Goyo's performance in the movie impresses me a lot. He played his character with the right amount of wit, making his character a very very likable one. To be honest, wasn't sure why they cast a blond boy as Hugh Jackman's son - no similarities but I guess they managed to pull it off.

The movie is very entertaining because the script was written very well. The whole storyline flows very well - not easy to cramp SO MANY messages and still make the movie work. So like I said, kudos to the team!

My favourite part of the movie is towards the end, when Hugh Jackman's character, Charlie Kenton found his boxing moves again...that moment was so beautiful that it moved me to tears. What's special is that when you found that feeling, that great thing in life that you live for, once again - it is that magical moment that moved me so deeply.

To be honest, I'd die  to be able to find that moment where I'm doing the thing that I love and want to so badly - to be able to passionately love something and be able to do it meaningfully.

For me, I guess I didn't work too hard for something so far, because at the back of my mind, things will always work out.

Perhaps it is time to rethink my life and follow my heart and passion.

My blog post tonight is an act of igniting the fire and my passion for movies.
It has been too long and like Hugh Jackman, I need to 'relight my fire'. More movies to be reviewed and I soon seriously consider active movie blogging again.
Well unless my passion is for my current job, which takes up most of my time...hahaha...

I do love my job, but I think I need to find room for other loves too.

Till the next time...
Steels are steels and rocks are rocks.
But Real Steel really rocks! 

TC-My Ratings: 
(Most Probably Movie of the year - but then again, didn't watch much movies this year haha...time to catch up)

With Lotsa Love,

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