Saturday, July 3, 2010


Sometimes I forgot what feel good rom-coms (romantic comedies) are for.
When you are stressed like hell and you just need to watch something without the need to get your brain neurons to work, you select a romantic comedy for the purpose of catharsis.

Watching "Bounty Hunter" was a pleasure for me although one any other sane day, I'd not enjoyed it as much. For your information, this is the movie that united Jennifer Aniston and Gerrard Butler, and their love blossomed from reel-life to real-life. (I'm not sure if their love has withered yet though because it's been quite some time since I follow celebrity gossips.)

I squeezed "Bounty Hunter" into my life last weekend. I sort of promised myself that I must watch at least one movie just to keep the drought away from my blog.

Reading the synopsis of the movie, you really wouldn't expect much.
To wrap up the whole movie in one sentence, let's just say it's about a guy who's named after one of my favourite drinks, Milo who is paid to bring his ex-wife, Nikki to jail.

The movie is made interesting because it incorporated an element of crime solving, in which we see Nikki trying to solve a murder case. Although the main focus wasn't the case, but it did make the movie a more interesting watch, besides the dry humour presently reasonably well by Jennifer Aniston and Gerrard Butler. Perhaps I'm biased because I love both of them. Truth be told, I'm more awed by the gorgeousness of Jennifer Aniston's body and tan and Gerrard Butler's hunky manly looks that I wasn't really paying attention much to their acting per se. Then again, both of them are established actor/actress, so why do even bring up their acting skills.

Another fun part of watching the movie is seeing their funny antiques in trying to outwit one another. Though it is generally predictable since we all know that they will end up rejoicing in a happy fairytale ending, there were also moments that came across as quite fresh. I mean a bounty hunter hunting down his ex-wife...hmmm not bad for an idea...

It's hard to be analytical with romantic comedies because generally, the follow the same story structure that has to involve a guy and a girl. I have yet to watch a rom-com with 2 guys ending up together, and "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" doesn't count since Chuck & Larry didn't really end up together. No matter how their play around with the guy and girl in the movie, the lead characters will eventually end up together...romantic comedies and I'm not talking about love stories ya. Love stories could take a drastic turn and try to make things painful by sometimes killing off one of the characters or purposely separating the two leads for one reason or another.

But Gerrard Butler's manly character made this movie a tad less girly for a rom-com. Added some X-man factor in it which I love. Personally, it toughen the movie and made it strike out more compare to other romantic comedies.

At the end of the day, I still think it is a good watch although I wouldn't classify it as my all-time favourite. Although the scene in which Jen Aniston described the tattoo she planned to get is friggin' hilarious and left an impression, generally the movie is kinda forgettable. Gerrard Butler is charming but his spells didn't work in making the movie one that gets me wanting an encore. So ya, I'm really watching "Bounty Hunter" for a one-time laugh.

I'll leave this post short and sweet, because that is basically what romantic comedies are like.
So I'll leave you with a K.I.S.S!

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