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It has taken me forever to write this but I'll start this piece by complimenting Leo DiCaprio again for his versatility in portraying the various characters he sets out to carry.

His playing Jack in Titanic wasn't what got me gaga over him. I mean, I wasn't crazy over his then Nick Carter boyish hairstyle and the cheeky charms and I certainly wasn't thrilled about him spitting in the sea, although in the movie, it seemed oh-so-romantic (to a certain level) for some. Although an adventurous artist who draws nude pictures of women around the world certainly sounds attractive, but no, I wasn't in Leo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson. 

The once-upon-a-time boyish charms that failed to infatuate me...
Or perhaps I just grew out of the Jack-Rose thing...

Leo DiCaprio secured himself as one of my favourite actors ever since his portrayal as a mercenary in "Blood Diamond". He then made me realize how excellent he is again by blowing me away when he played Roger Ferris in "Body of Lies", with his super awesome Middle East accent. By the way, I also really love the film because it keeps the romance element sweet and innocent.

The two acclaimed movies responsible for making me crazy over Leo DiCaprio's acting...

Naturally, I'm now crazy over any films of substance that star Leo DiCaprio.
When Shutter Island's trailer flashed by in front of me in the cinema, I knew that movie has gained top spot on my must-watch list  of movies.

I could be wrong, but in my own humble opinion, Shutter Island takes on the style of Secret Window, which stars Johnny Depp.

There were mixed reviews on this movie.
Some said it is good but there were some who deemed it lousy. I however, have to agree with the former.

I think Leo DiCaprio did great as usual, captivating audiences with his glaring stares, portraying the sense of anxiety and mystery which encapsulates the movie's mood. But I'll have to admit that this is not one of his best films.

Shutter Island gives audiences a weird sense of fear. It is a thriller that really gives one the creeps. I do not know why films always have to present mental institutions as a freaky and  scary place, but ya, they always do. But Shutter Island gives mental institutions a double dose of creepiness. The mood is set that way although towards the end, you'd realize that it is not really that scary.
The mood is also cleverly created through the music, flashbacks and weird characters.

There is a quite creative twist to the film, in which different people had interpreted differently. Some argue that he is sane while some thinks that he is still cuckoo in the head. I'm going with the former. 

The film is basically about a bunch of shrinks who played along with the fantasy of Teddy in hopes of curing his insanity. Teddy was stricken with insanity as he tries to escape the harsh reality of himself  killing his wife after she murdered their 3 children due to her mental illness.

I do not want to give away too much but I personally think that the film is very creative. The twist in the story is quite unique, though arguably, it can be deemed as forced and ridiculous. 

But true, this wasn't Leo DiCaprio's best like I said. You see, there just wasn't a 'moment' for him in this movie, unlike 'Blood Diamond' (the ending when he died and called the girl) and 'Body of Lies' (the part where is hand was almost chopped off).  But with "Shutter Island", I can't really name an exceptional moment for him.

The movie is filled with puzzling maze of queries and thus, some claims that the film is a bore since it drags people through 2 hour headache figuring out what's going on and why. But personally, I think it is not as bad as Benjamin Button. For Benjamin Button, it's like, you know what's going but you're just begging for it to end. Brad Pitt's good-looks also failed to make the movie bearable. No offense, I know many appreciates the meaning of Benjamin Button. Sorry that I only judge it on the surface.

But as the story unravel and you know the explanation to certain flashbacks and scenes, you will find the walls of the maze slowly shattering, revealing a clear path, although some find the end of that path most ridiculous. Some people just doesn't like the fact that the 120-minute worth of footages they have been watching are a whole load of psychotic fantasy. I mean, I agree, which mental institution would act to play along with a patient's illusions? But arguably, it's quite a creative twist.

Generally, not a bad movie. However, the fact that I'm finding it hard to write about it is an indication that I'm not exactly feeling the movie much. 

I anticipated it and I wouldn't say I was let down but I don't love it to bits either. However, I'd actually recommend it to everyone actually because it is a very interesting movie. It's a kinda movie that freaks you out and sends chill to your spine although it is has no mutated ghostly figures. And I think if you are studying film, you would appreciate the fact that you could use this movie to study its mood, the costumes, setting and characters. Oh and if Mr. Alan is here, he would be able to tell you also the hidden meaning behind each scenes - the positioning of the characters, the lighting etc. I mean, this is a Martin Scorsese film, it has got to contain some crafty cinematography. And if you are multimedia/graphic student, you'd also witness some awesome graphical elements in the movie.


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