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25 May 2008
Today is dedicated to the Narnians!! Yes!

My highly most anticipated movie of the year finally hits the silver screen. Sadly, I wasn't first to watch it. It doesn't matter because today, FINALLY, I had my chance to watch it - The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

Of course, every time I talk about the movie, the first thing most people tell me is how handsome the guy in the poster is. Everyone is attracted to the actor who plays Prince Caspian - Ben Barnes. Well, after watching the movie, I am too. But, beyond the good-looking leads (Ben Barnes is not the ONLY HOTTIE in the movie you know), I actually think this story is so much better and entertaining than the first. There are funnier one-liners, which really makes the movie more interesting. Of course the first one was also very good, but it's great to see that they have improved their script and definitely a better storyline in this sequel.

I've read so much about the movie through reviews, so much so that I already have an idea of what is gonna happen - like how the two Princes (or Kings), Peter and Caspian are both trying to be the LEADER of Narnia. Before this, King Peter was the Magnificent King but 1300 years later, the throne belongs to Prince Caspian. So it's no surprise that Peter, who is used to being THE KING, wants to impress the Narnians.

I also know that there's gonna be some love sparks between Susan and Caspian hehe...But the thing is, even though I thought I knew enough about the movie, I was still owed and the movie did keep me hooked. Well, I shall disregard some comments that Narnia is not a good movie, or rather, is a movie for kids. I actually think that it is highly entertaining and the fighting scenes are good enough for me, not as fake as I thought it would be.

I guess in this sequel, we learn that everyone makes mistakes; even Kings. Peter seems to be the wiser and more matured one in the first movie, but in this sequel, he seems to be rash and he doesn't wanna admit his own faults and he blames it on other people. He doesn't think of consequences.

And if you think the handsome Prince Caspian is any better, he also made a couple of mistakes himself, because all he thought about was revenge for his father. But can you blame them? I wouldn't because i think, that is the beauty of human beings. Even I behave like the two kings. Sometimes I blame other people for my mistakes just so I feel better myself (well at that moment that is, later, the guilt will sweep all over me).

Sometimes I disregard everything just so I can prove to people that I am right. I guess the movie in some ways highlights that to us and I think the most important thing is that we learn from our wrongs and make it right. Edmund, who was the rebellious one in the first movie is now the sweet one. I despised him in the first movie and in this one...I just fell in love with him (and the character). The actor who plays Edmund, Skandar Keynes is really good-looking. Hmmm......he seems to look better with age haha. But let's not go there...he's too young anyway.

Susan is definitely my idol. If there is one character I wanna be, it has to be Susan. I really admire her sense of ...hmm...I dunno...she's just a combination of sweet but tough, smart and wise and basically, she just seems so sensible and rational (which I guess is the complete opposite of me). And she is always so poised and reserved and there's just some sort of vibe about her that makes me like her so much. But I just wished that she would be a bit more outspoken. Of course I love Lucy also because she's just so adorable. Basically, I love all of them.

To wrap it all up, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is a must watch! Don't think of it as a children's movie. Even if it is, there is nothing wrong watching it, even if you are a 999-year-old grandma. Sometimes, children movies are the most meaningful, enlightening and entertaining and i am so sure that many people agree with that. It's not childish to watch "Narnia" or even "Barney and Friends". (which is one of my favourite by the way) I just dislike comments that say that movies like Harry Potter and Narnia are childish. I mean, it is not exactly true. I mean, I can also say movies like "Spiderman" or "Superman" are for kids, but I see everyone of all ages enjoying it. I think it is what we think and how we understand the movie that is important. Don't you think?

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Thats all folks Take carezzzzzzzz...

Love, TammyC

p.s. Let's hope tonight I'll dream of the Kings of Narnia

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